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Up to my neck in demi-glace

So, I made a boat-load of demi-glace over the weekend and now I can't think of anything to use it in...

I am now taking recipe shout-outs!

Think along the lines of:
- Week night dinner
- For two people
- Quick and easy (per se)


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  1. What kind of demi-glace? Beef, veal or chicken? I've used the veal and beef demi-glace (from Williams Sonoma, as I've never tried making my own) in a simple sauce for pork tenderloin.

    1/2 jar blackberry preserves
    2 tbsp. demi-glace
    dash of balsamic syrup (the vinegar works just as well)
    1/4 stick butter, cut into small pieces

    Simply combine all the ingredients in a small saucepan and heat thoroughly...unbelievable over a pork tenderloin, pork roast, or even broiled duck breast.

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      Sorry. It was a beef demi. I couldn't find veal bones.

      1. hmm, i am about to attempt chicken demi-glace tomorrow, so i was going to post a similar question. i too would love to know what to do with it

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        1. You can freeze it. It will keel for a long time. I'd divide it up though.

          1. Thanks. I actually did freeze it and made enough to fill 3 ice cube containers. I was sort of in shock at how much I had once I was done.

            1. olive oil and butter
              demi glace
              salt and pepper
              wisk in some more butter at the end

              serve over meat or even egg noodles (if serving over noodles I would add more mushrooms)

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                Great! How much madiera (roughly) to demi?

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                  I used the recipe from the Joy of Cooking..see "Marchand de Vin recipe". Sorry, I don't have the recipe on hand at the moment.

                  If I recall correctly it called for 1/2C madiera to 1C of demi. Add madiera to shallots and mushrooms (slice thinly) and let simmer for a few minutes til reduced to about 1/2 and then add demi and let simmer for 10 more minutes. Add butter and whisk before serving.

              2. I like it plain over beef (steaks) - or mix in a sauce pan with a couple of tbls of fruit jam plus one tbls of dijon and a splash of white wine.Goes well with any grilled meat.

                Ok, I'll have to ask the question - why did you make it if you didn't know what to do with it?

                Can you share your recipe?

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                  Ha! Thanks for asking. My wife got me Anthony Bordain's Les Halles cookbook for Christmas. While I think he is a good cook, I am a bit of a Bordain nut. I loved Kitchen Confidential, I watch No Reservations religiously, and I just can't get enough of his overall attitude towards food in general. Anyway, in the beginning of this book, he talks about making demi-glace and having it on hand at all times to boost your meals. So, i made a ton. I've made stock a million times before, but never demi. So, now i have it and wanted to see what everyone else does with it.

                  The recipe is in the book, but it is pretty straight-forward

                  Make a roasted veal stock (i assume you know how to do this). I used beef bones b/c i couldn't find any veal bones. Reduce red wine with shallots, add stock, reduce until it is a nice rich dark consistency, strain and freeze.

                  If you want me to be more specific, just say so.

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                    Have you read any of AB's fiction books like 'Gone Bamboo'?

                2. Saute some onions and a little bit of chopped garlic, then beef (strips or cubes), sliced mushrooms. Add the demi glace, finish with some sour cream or even half and half.
                  I'd use the beef demi glace to finish off stir fried or sauteed mixed vegies, too.
                  Burgers au poivre?

                  1. Speaking of mushrooms, this recipe is amazing with demi-glace: