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Jan 2, 2007 08:18 PM

Advice on Wedding Venue Options.

Hello all,

I am presently in the process of planning my wedding and am looking for any thoughts/advice on a venue that would accomodate 125-175 people, be centraly located and of course provide a wothwhile food experience. Wouls be interested in opinions from all.


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  1. I went to a wedding this past summer downtown, its a really nice place and seats about the same size of poeple. The food was good and theatmosphere was very cool.

    La Maquette
    111 King St. E (416) 366-8191

    1. A very similar topic is running currently

      La Maquette is also mentioned there

      1. Just wondering what you mean by central. And time of year is pretty key here, given that summer months present a few more options.

        We just rented out part of Canoe for a party Dec. 29 and it was fantastic, but that was only 50 people. That ended up costing a similar amount to some of the more standard wedding venues, like the Estates of Sunnybrook as most restaurants don't charge a fee for the venue - only minimums on food and drink.

        If downtown Toronto isn't the only place you are looking, and you are thinking about warm weather, a place that is often overlooked and really nice is Graydon Hall, in the DVP / 401 area (

        Good luck,


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          I would also suggest canoe - I have never been dissapointed by the food or atmosphere.

        2. we're looking at mid-to late Sept. And by location something in from lake up to St.Clairish. Wil consider, restaurants, hotles, halls, etc.. I will check out all options mentioned so far and hopefully more ideas present themselves as well ;).


          1. We got married at the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse- you pay for the space and hire one of several catering options - which was AMAZING! And you have the whole space for the entire day, so no one 'rushing' behind you!

            106 Trinity Street, one block east of Parliament, just south of King Street East in Toronto, Canada