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Jan 2, 2007 08:16 PM

What's that extra bitter taste in IPA's that make them so delicious?

Recently had Dogfish 60 minute IPA the other day and whatever that strong biiter flavor is, this brew's got plenty of it. So delicious. What is it?
Also recently had Stoudt Winter Ale from a fresh tap--yum!
Anything you can recommend for someone with such tastebuds?

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  1. They have more Hops. If you like IPA's and you like Hops I would recommend the following beers for you, if you can find them where you live:

    Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA
    Victory Hop Devil
    Stone IPA(if you REALLY Love hops, go for their Ruination DOuble IPA)
    Russian River Pliny the Elder

    Since you are in NYC, try going to DBA oon First Avenue, they generally have some good west coast IPAs on tap, or The bar next store to the Belgian Room on St Marks Place. I think its the hop devil grille.

    Also in NYC you can get Rogue beers from Oregon, they aggresively hop their beers.

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      If you can get Troegs on the other side of the river I'd suggest looking into the Hopback Amber as well. And when(and if) the seasonal Nugget Nectar hits the shelves, well...just buy as much as you can. That beer is simply amazing.

      Of all the beers mentioned so far I'd say that the Stone IPA is my fave, and I appreciate its availability in sixpacks.

      1. re: TongoRad

        Nugget Nectar just got to NJ earlier this week- and it definitely is amazing this year. People in the region should definitely be on the lookout for it.

    2. Thanks--I take from your username you're from NYC, can i find these beers in NYC?
      Also, I always thought of myself as a top notch beer drinker, and I mostly drink Brooklyn, Sam Adams, Siera Nevada...after checking this page (and trying a couple of new brews), i must wonder--am i a total beer amateur??

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      1. re: abu applesauce

        My favorite IPA is Smuttynose, widely available. Lagunitas is another hoppy one from the west coast.
        Top NYC beer stores for the best brews:
        New Beer Distributor, 167 Chrystie St betw Delancey/Rivington
        American Thrifty, 256 Court St (Kane), Carroll Gardens, Bklyn
        Bierkraft, 191 5th Ave (Union), Park Slope
        Beer resources:

        1. re: abu applesauce

          You can find Anderson Valley and Stone at Whole Foods in Uniion Square. You should be able to find the others too. Try the bars i emntioned, they should be able steer you in the right direction.

          As far as being a top notch beer drinker, there are always new ones to try and you are on the right path. Sierra was the beer that introduced me to the wide world of American craft beer. Sam Adams and Brooklyn produce some good beers, esp Brooklyn. But the world of beer is so vast, and learning is fun.

          If the Blind Tiger ever gets its liquor license back, that will be the place to go in NYC. That is where i first tasted many west coast beers

          1. re: MVNYC

            I was in NYC 2 years ago, and I was surprised at how frequently I saw Stone for sale. I saw it in a few different liquor stores and markets in both Greenwich Village and the UWS.

        2. If you like Dogfish Head 60min, then try the 90min much more pronouced hop bitter and flavor. Also Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale(my personal fave), but hurry it is seasonal.

          1. If you like hops, look for Alpha King from Three Floyds.
            They use Cascade, Centennial, and Warrior hops, and I haven't found anything I like as well.
            Did just get Bell's line here. The Two Hearted Ale is a damn fine beer.
            Tried a can of Hopluia that I found in Omaha. Yuck. Tasted off.
            I can get Dogfish 60 minute. I like it fine, just not as much as the Alpha King, and it's 3 dollars more a six pack.
            I'd really like to try the 90 minute, or Three Floyds Dreadnaught. Something to look forward to.

            1. Red Seal Ale tops any fine list