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Jan 2, 2007 07:56 PM

'ino at 7:45: what will the wait be like?

I'm looking to go to 'ino with a party of 4 tomorrow night around 7:45 - am I crazy? Or should it not be too bad?

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  1. there will almost certainly be a wait, but one really cannot predict what kind of wait with that place. it's so small that just one party of four ahead of you can mean an hour tacked on to your wait. why don't you give them a call before you head over?

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      Having had the day off today, we dropped into 'ino at around 1pm. it was packed (every bar stool was even taken)but we managed to find a small table for two right on top of the door. By 2:30pm, there were 4-5 free tables and not one person sitting at the bar.

      So we asked our server about the crowds. She said it usually gets busy by 6:30PM on week nights but it is unpredictable. It really is worth the wait and people seem to move in and out of there quickly.

      Enjoy! We hadn't been there in 3 years but it was just as good as ever!!

    2. Would you consider going to 'inoteca? It has a very similar or the same menu and the food is as delicious, although it does lack some of the charm of 'ino. On the up side, you shouldn't have any trouble getting a table- it's huge!

      1. we're off to the film forum afterwards - so if 'ino doesn't work we'll probably just find some place else in the area. thanks everyone for their thoughts, though!

        1. the waits at 'ino are really unpredictable. i've found that i can walk in and grab a table around 8 or 8:30 without a problem some nights, and have to wait around 6 or after 10pm. i always figured this was b/c ino's more of a light bites sort of place rather than a full dinner destination, meaning that a lot of people will pop in for a quick bite before or after doing something else in the area (e.g. a movie at the film forum, play at minetta lane theater, etc.). but again, no way to know for sure.

          some backup options in the immediate area if you want to grab a quick bite include cafe henri (almost right next door to 'ino) and the grey dog's coffee on carmine st.