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Jan 2, 2007 07:31 PM

restaurants near california pizza kitchen

I'm going to Chicago tomorrow, but my dining nemesis wants to eat at California Pizza Kitchen. We are equally stubborn, so we often eat at different restaurants. At home, she stops at Jimmy Johns, I go to King Gyros next door. I know there are a few CPKs in Chicago, and I'm not really sure where we are going. Any recs on CPK neighbors? My dinner guest is a vegatarian, Also, I've heard CPK is not cheap... like lunch at frontera is cheaper. Am I correct?

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  1. You really need to find out which of their locations (four in Chicago, seven in the suburbs) you're going to before anyone can answer that; the nearby restaurants will be different for each location.

    As for price, it all depends on what you order. CPK specializes in individual-size pizzas, typically in the $7-10 price range, and also has salads and pastas in full and half sizes, as well as soups, beverages, etc. For a sit-down place, it's not particularly expensive, and definitely NOT more expensive than Frontera Grill (quite the opposite, in fact).

    You might want to check out the CPK menu on their website (that is, if you WANT to eat with your "dining nemesis"); it has more than just pizzas, and I would be surprised if you couldn't find SOMETHING that you would enjoy there.

    (I'm not sure I understand the purpose of "dining with someone in separate restaurants". If this is someone you want to eat with, have you ever considered taking turns picking places to go?)

    1. I'll be around belmont and clark, and it looks like there isn't is a CPK nearby. Any recs on that area? Maybe I can get her to eat at local place. $15 per lunch entree is probably the limit, and one person is under 21.

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        Giordano's (stuffed pizza)
        1040 W. Belmont Ave.
        (773) 327-1200

        Gino's East (deep dish pizza
        )2801 N. Lincoln Ave.
        (773) 327-3737

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          Ann Sather is at 929 W Belmont. (

          Pizza Capri 962 W Belmont. (


          But really, CPK isn't that bad, unless giving into you nemesis is just too much for you...

        2. re: Danimal

          I don't know if you're specifically looking for pizza or not, but there are tons of places to eat in that area that don't involve pizza. And I definitely wouldn't bother with CPK. You can get that in the frozen aisle of a lot of grocery stores.

          I recommend trying the Pierogi Factory. It's on Belmont and Kenmore (1034 W. Belmont). This is their new location. The food is good and fresh, and it's kind of fun to try a whole bunch of different pierogi, all of which are good. I'm a vegetarian and went there with meat-eaters. There will be plenty of stuff for both of you to eat well and amicably.

        3. I'm not a fan of CPK in general, however on the few occasions I've dined there as the choice of others I've been able to make a satisfying light lunch out of one of their plethora of 1/2-salads and an app. I do not care for the pizza. A half-salad, at least for me, is more than's a lot of food.

          As per the two locations I'm familiar with: in Bucktown, a good alternative is Goose Island Brewery, an okay option is Uncle Julio's Hacienda

          if it's the CPK @ Water Tower you're kinda stuck: within the mall you can brave the crowds at the basement Foodlife(?) concept...

          succumb to McD's

          or, chow down on Wow Bao's offerings

          as far as CPK being more expensive than Frontera(and Frontera ain't all that pricy imo)...basically...???

          where on earth did you come by that nugget of info?

          1. For a vegetarian option not to far from clark and belmont is the chicago diner - - one chicagos top vegetarian restaurants -