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Jan 2, 2007 07:23 PM

Duck Legs in Mo Co

Looking to make a duck recipe this weekend and need several duck-leg quarters. Has anyone seen them around, especially in Montgomery County or NW DC? Ideally cheap and plentiful. I know Balducci's carries them, but they are steeply priced and a little scrawny.

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  1. Try calling your nearest Grand Mart, Pappy. The one out here in Sterling has these at, IIRC, $2.99 a pound. But they are often in the frozen section.

    Unfortunately, my friend who lives in Boyds reports that the Grand Mart near her (off the road perpendicular to 270 that goes past the NIST campus)is very grungy.

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    1. re: PollyG

      I went there for the first time in the past month or two, and would agree. That Grand Mart is kinda grungy. Maybe one of the other Asian markets in the area? Is duck served much in SE Asia?

      1. re: PollyG

        Grand Marts in general are very dumpy, especially the one in Seven Corners. I've been to the one off Muddy Branch awhile ago, and it was quite large. I did not find it dumpy at the time, but it seemed to me that the space was probably too large for the store itself.

      2. I actually think that Costco carries them!