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Jan 2, 2007 07:13 PM

Esoteric question: Monkfish Liver

Hi all,

Here's an estoric question but what the hell. Don't know who else would know what I'm talking about. I am considering buying some monkfish liver (yum) but most of the ones I see are HUGE slabs. I would like to use half and freeze the other half for later. Have you or anyone you know of tried to freeze the livers for later use? I'd like to know if the defrosting process ruins the taste or texture. Thanks!

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  1. I wonder if you might be able to purchase a smaller amount from a Japanese restaurant, if there's one you're friendly with. As far as freezing, liver usually freezes fine, but I've never frozen - nor seen frozen - ankimo. You may want to steam some first, and freeze some raw, to see which holds up better. Even if the texture suffers, you can still use it in miso soup. Happy eating!

    1. Thanks! great suggestion.

      1. Probably the best way is to experiment. I wouldn't freeze any liver raw if you love that special cremey texture of liver. I've had great expectation for Duck liver, but the only Duck liver I could find in the city were frozen, and they didn't have the right texture at all. I've had steamed ankimo that tasted wonderful. Maybe it's possible to freeze it AFTER it's cooked?

        1. monkfish liver isn't currently in season on the east coast...

          if you're thinking of preparing like pate, i don't see why you can't make it and then freeze it. most pates freeze quite well. depending upon where you purchase it, they may be willing to sell you just a portion of the liver. monkfish get pretty darn big, that's a whole lotta liver.