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Uses for Duck Fat

Hello all,

After enjoying my delicious Duck on New Year's I am have been left with a most plesant container of duck fat.

But what to do with it?

Any suggestions?


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  1. Frying potatoes or onions would be great. I am sure there are many other uses, those two come to mind. Or mushrooms.

    1. I think the best use is to fry potatoes - it crisps them very nicely.
      edit: A blend of olive oil and duck fat will fry anything nicely, and duck fat can be used as the shortening in biscuits - VERY good for that, but still blend with half butter for flavor. I reserve mine for potatoes, sometimes eggplant (with olive oil) as do many chefs, because it's not cheap, and that's where it excels.
      The other traditional use is to make duck confit, which takes quite a bit of duck fat. But oh, it's good... If you want to try that and are short of the duck fat, you can break tradition and extend with olive oil.

        1. Deep frying won tons

          Pan fried dumplings (or guo-tei)

          1. Make popcorn. You won't believe how amazing it is (especially if you have any artisinal salts like truffle salt...)

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              I have a lovely jar of truffle salt and I just received a rack of 8 different salts from around the world!

              This sounds fabulous!

              1. Oh - this was a NYT suggestion about two months ago I would never have believed until I tried it but -- Pie crust! Really. I used half-duck fat, half-butter and it was stupendous.

                1. Peking duck three ways is a great way to use up all the duck.

                  1) Regular peking duck with hoisin sauce and scallions and pancakes
                  2) Use the fat to scamble eggs with scallions and whatever else you have.
                  3) Use the bones to make soup.

                  Three dishes, one duck, can't beat it with a stick.

                  1. Risotto. Use the duck fat to saute the aromatics and rice in.

                    1. All my duck fat ends up in confit! You can also do rilletes or lose some in a cassoulet.

                      1. I froze my duck fat in tupperware and I scrape off 1-2 Tb for frying when needed.

                        A bunch went in as the oil for making matzo balls for chicken soup. Delicous!

                        1. I start most savory dishes by sauteeing my mirepoix in duck fat. It gives everything a nice meaty flavor.

                          I second a previous suggestion: Risotto.

                          1. I used rendered duck fat (bought at Whole Foods) for basting my turkey. It made the turkey taste better than ever. Today I am doing a pot roast, sauteed shallots, celery and garlic in duck fat, then seared meat in it. Made me hungry smelling the lusciousness of it!!

                              1. Looooove duck fat...use it sooooo much and in weird ways some of my favourites

                                i use it as the oil in my waffles then make a savoury waffle with crispy skin crumbles and brandy syrup

                                pop popcorn

                                fried hominy

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                                  I can see a version of chicken and waffles!

                                2. Old thread, but coating brussels sprouts with duck fat before roasting really makes them sing. Sea salt and a splash of balsamic and you have Aida.

                                      1. Can you freeze duck fat - either before or after rendering?

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                                          You can buy it in the frozen section of many Asian markets so I'd say yes.

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                                            You can but I've had some in my fridge for at least a year and it's still pure white with no odor.

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                                              thanks to both of you. I am grilling some duck breasts this weekend and i will take off the skin and fat first. Hate to throw out good duck fat potential.

                                          2. I like to cut up red potatoes and fry them in duck fat for breakfast.