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Jan 2, 2007 07:00 PM

good places to go in the suburbs?

i live downtown but would like to take a trip to the 'burbs for some good food as my friend has a car this week. any tips for secret (or not so secret) spots that will make us happy? any kind of food is good, as long as there are some vegetarian options available.

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  1. Helenhelen..helen, in a city like TO, the burbs is a huge swath of land and the foodie options are pretty endless. Can you be more specific (ie, east, west, north of the city and some idea of the type of food).

    For some ideas, try reading gourmaniac's excellent post from last year:

    I highly recommend a trip to Samosa King for very excellent and vegetarian samosa's at 5 for $1. It was thanks to gourmanica's post that I found this place out at Finch and Middlefield. I usually pick up 30 or so and keep them in the freezer, if I don't eat them all in the car. I've always wanted to try their eat in offerings, but I am usually just passing through.

    But be a little more specific and you'll probably get lots of great suggestions.

    1. thanks for the tips dinin and dishin. i know it's a huge expanse of land but i really do mean anywhere. :) i rarely have access to a car and we are willing to trek anywhere the wheels will take us! :)

      1. just off the top of my head, you could do a pan-asian chowtour starting at yonge and sheppard, going north to steeles and then east towards kennedy.

        the strip of yonge between sheppard and steeles has a high concentration of korean restaurants, shops, bakeries. spring garden is a small street just north of sheppard on the east side of yonge is a great street to hit that is a little korean oasis. then further north, past finch there's a great bakery on the west side. i think it's called baro gung pang. btw, right across the street are 2 plazas with some middle eastern grocery stores that also serve food, if you're not sticking to asia :) then further north past steeles is a korean supermarket (

        then go back down to steeles and head east for some japanese. just past the 404, before victoria park is j-town (, a small mall with a great bakery, fish monger, grocery store and a few gift shops.

        and then continuing east there's now a huge selection of chinese plazas. almost any one has a gem or two. for example, the plaza on the north west corner of warden and steeles. this plaza has a t&t supermarket, and lots of eateries. then if you still have the energy you could cap everything off at pacific mall/market village which is at steeles and kennedy. there's the legendary food court inside (including the handmade noodle place). but there are also quite a few gems dotting the outside. for vegetarian, there's graceful vegetarian ( which is known for their dim sum, but their regular menu is great too.

        and you could keep going futher east! there's the whole silver star plaza, then at mccowan ...

        the above just scratches the surface, and only focuses on east asian chow. along that route, or not far off, there are SO many other places, like samosa king mentioned above. do a search on this board and you'll note that quite a few of the places people rave about and you'll see "steeles" or "kennedy" come up a lot.

        just pick a street and there's bound to be chow! hwy 7, lawrence east, hurontario . . .

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        1. re: num nums

          > just past the 404, before victoria park is j-town (, a small mall with a great bakery, fish monger, grocery store and a few gift shops.

          I second the trip to J-town, for take-out anyway, as there are no proper restaurants in that strip. It's got the freshest tempura shrimp in the GTA, and it's inexpensive too! I always pick up loads of unagi onigiri (rice balls with bbq'd eel) while I'm there.

          1. re: num nums

            Chinese food is definitely a good bet if you are looking for good suburban food, much of the best Chinese food in the GTA is in Markham now. There are numerous places, Dragon Dynasty (either for dinner or dim sum during the day) comes to mind. Don't know how much you were looking to spend.

            I haven't been there in years but Dante's (pizza & pasta) in Thornhill is (or was?) a hot spot of that neighbourhood, with fantastic down-to-earth, hearty pizza that is not thin-crust gourmet, but nothing like take-out pizza from the chains. Hard to describe but very, very yummy.

          2. For outstanding Indian food, check out Brar Sweets in Brampton. As far as I know, most (if not all) of their locations have gone to buffet-style dining. It's all-vegetarian, and the price is around $12 for dinner.

            Google will give you addresses.

            1. Although I haven't had a chance to go there yet, Kwality Sweets in Brampton is raved about by my Indian friends.

              You can avoid the buffet of Brar - I've never been there either but buffets gross me out.