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Jan 2, 2007 06:51 PM

Yuga - Coral Gables

Have been to the sister restaurant LAN (in Dadeland Station, and only as a last resort) but had heard about the menu at Yuga being more high end. Sure enough the two restaurants had nothing in common besides the owners.

Yuga concept is small plates to share, although sharing amongst more than 2 diners gets tricky. Dishes are split into Ocean, Green, Meat and Rice/Noodles. Personally, I liked the tofu dishes best as I can never make anything edible out of it at home. Shrimp spring rolls were delicious as well. Really there was nothing subpar or lacking. The only problem is the lack of soundproofing so conversation from loud diners reverberates through the small space.

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  1. I like the sushi restaurant in the Gables owned by the same folks, Su Shin Izakaya. Decent sushi plus many small plate type dishes too. Haven't been to Yuga yet.