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Jan 2, 2007 06:34 PM

White Lily Flour in Orange County, CA

Does ANYONE know where I can purchase self rising White Lily flour in Orange County, CA, or even in Los Angeles? PLEASE, PLEASE give me any advice or leads you might have. XXX Colleen

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  1. Surfas Supply in Culver City has it, as well as All Purpose flour and Corn Meal/Corn Bread Mix on the shelf at all times. I'm sure they'll UPS an order to you if you can't get up there, but you can also order from White Lily on line as well if I'm not mistaken.

    Surfas Supply

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    1. re: robl

      Thank you so much for your information. Culver City is no bother at all. The shipping cost from Tennessee to Orange County is out of control. I'm hoping to get one of the markets down here to consider stocking since White Lily is a Southern company and Ralphs is part of the Kroger chain.

      Have you ever found anything comparable to the White Lily flour for bisquits? I came out to CA from Alabama for college and that was 20 years ago. It's just getting difficult to find some of the ingredients I grew up using with my mom in her kitchen. Again, MANY THANKS. Colleen

      1. re: colleen5991

        Thank you so much. Schleping to Culver City for my White Lily is going to be a pleasure. Ralphs and Pavillions are "considering" my request to stock White Lily, but there has not been any consistency with any deliveries. Dealing with Ralph's huge warehouses has been a challenge. I've been ordering directly from White Lily, but with all the great bakers out here, just knew someone might know of a local vendor. I wish I could like anohter flour as well as White Lily.

        You are a god-send. Colleen

    2. I know for a fact that Surfas sells a couple different White Lily varieties, but it's a schlep for you.

      8777 National Blvd
      Culver City, CA

      Have you tried contacting the White Lily folks directly about a more local outlet?

      1. I didn't see the plain self-rising flour but I just purchased some White Lily self rising cornmeal flour and cornbread mix yesterday at the 99cent only store in Alhambra. The mix was going for 2 for 99cents and the corn flour was 99cents.

          1. IIRC, Sur Le Table used to sell it, give them a ring, there's one in Newport Beach (MacArthur at PCH)