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Ideas for using up dill?

I made a really easy appetizer using smoked salmon on top of toasted french bread, topped with a dollop of dill sauce. I have a lot of leftover dill to use up. Any recommendations?

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  1. Put it in a blender with plain yogurt and a little salt. Add a few ounces of water to make it more pourable. Drink.

    1. Chopped Greek green salad. Chop a head of romaine with plenty of dill and scallions. Add crumbled feta. Toss with a garlicky vinaigrette (garlic, olive oil and red wine vinegar or lemon juice).

      1. Gravlax. Made with some other fish rather than salmon...

        1. I'm in the same situation. For some reason fresh dill in my area is sold in huge bunches. I made a salmon strata and some dill sauce but I'm salmoned out for now. So I've made dill-olive bread, dill-walnut vinaigrette over spinach salad and tonight I'm going to make steamed spinach with dill served with garlic-yogurt sauce. Tomorrow I go back to work so home cooking is on hold until the weekend when I may make the dill-olive bread again - it's quick, easy and very good fresh or toasted. With luck by then the dill will be used up or ready to be thrown out.

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            Thanks for the idea. I just threw a cup of chopped green olives and a few handfuls of dill in the dough for tomorrow's bread. Smells good already!

          2. If you're looking to clear out alot of it, plan a roast chicken dinner. Chop the dill fine and mix with 2-3 TB butter, salt, and pepper, and use a spoon to get it under the skin of the breasts, thighs, and legs, then massage it around the meat. If you stil have even more dill left, stuff some into the cavity of the chicken with some lemon slices and garlic.

            1. I would suggest potato soup. Saute onions in butter, then add a bit of flour and stir for a few minutes. Add some fresh dill (and ideally chives and parsley), then vegetable or chicken broth and peeled and chopped potatoes. When the potatoes are just tender, remove some of the broth and mix the broth with sour cream and/or yogurt - about 1 cup total dairy for 5 cups of broth and make sure not to use fat free - reduced fat or low fat is okay. Pour this mixture back into the soup, reheat until hot, but not boiling, season with salt to taste and lots of black pepper.

              1. I always end up using a ton (okay, a 1-2 tablespoons) of it when I make cold cucumber soup. There are many variations throughout Middle East/Mediterranean cuisines, but I just use crushed garlic, yogurt, dill, a splash of vinegar, sliced cucumbers, and a drizzle of olive oil. My variation on mast-o-khiar also uses lots of fill and is almost the same recipe except I also add walnuts and raisins, and use Greek/Persian yogurt instead of regular unstrained yogurt.

                1. Make Red Potato salad with a dressing of mayo, sour cream and dill, S&P. LEt it sit overnight and the flavor of the dill will really come thru.

                  1. I love the Cheddar and Dill Scones from Barefoot Contessa.

                    Potato Salad and Cole Slaw are always better with Dill.

                    1. chicken soup


                      potato salad with lemon, olive oil, dill, green onion -- yum

                      Greek salad



                      chicken salad

                      tomato onion salad

                      cucumber yogurt salad

                      leg of lamb

                      beef stew

                      cabbage rolls

                      1. I always use it in tuna salad with diced red apples, red onions, celery, and mayo!

                        1. Throw in into your green salads next time, very refreshing. Also, mix with plain yogurt and some cucumbers for another refreshing dish.

                          1. dilly rice.

                            sautee garlic, turmeric, cumin and salt in some olive oil until the spices are fragrant. stir in finely chopped dill and sautee for another minute, careful not to overcook. add rinsed basmati rice and mix until coated with spices and herbs. add appropriate amount of water and cook.

                            wonderfully fragrant and delicious.

                            dill also works well in lentil dahl.

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                              I love this stuff! I often mix some blanched green peas into the rice after cooking (without the turmeric) and top with crumbled feta. Super easy side dish, works great with almost any seafood or poultry main. I always end up just eating a huge bowl of the rice, though.

                            2. Tuck a handful into an omelet with feta cheese. Mash into potatoes. Mince and toss with carrots and/or parsnips.

                              1. Dill is a great addition to scrambled eggs. Scramble the eggs loosely with a little mayo, throw in enough dill that you can see it. Done!

                                1. Dill, cucumber, tomato, and red onion salad dressed with rice wine vinegar, salt, pepper, olive oil, and a little bit of sugar. Let it sit overnight to let the flavors marinate fully.

                                  I also like to dump it in when I make hummous (or at least a hummous-inspired dip). Drain a can of chickpeas, add 1 clove garlic + lots of dill + olive oil + tahini + cucumber (optional) + salt and seasonings. Puree in blender or food processor.

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                                  1. I give my extra to a friend who supplies me with cilantro or other herbs that she has too much of. It keeps us from getting sick of a flavor from over-use.

                                    1. Danish Meatballs in sour cream sauce - crockpot dish.