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Jan 2, 2007 06:05 PM

Thai in Westchester - Rate Your Best

What is your favorite Thai restaurant in Westchester?

What do you think of these? Have you found any other good ones?

Bangkok Thai Restaurant, Mamaroneck
Lemon Grass Room, Port Chester
Reka's Thai Restaurant, White Plains
Royal Thai, Scarsdale
Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant, Scarsdale
Swaddee House Of Thai Food, Thornwood
Thai Garden, Sleepy Hollow
Thai House, Ardsley
Tum Raa, Yonkers
Red Lotus, New Rochelle

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  1. Thumbs down on Rotal Thai. Not bad, but not very interesting so I never went back to it.

    I've been to Thai House in Nyack which is excellent but haven't been to the one in Ardley. One of these days.

    Still looking for a gem. One of my benchmarks is a green curry that doesn't taste like green chile paste mixed with cocunut milk.

    1. Reka's, to put it bluntly, sucks. So does Tum Raa, Siam Orchid, and Royal Thai. Every now and then I give them another chance but after the last times I said no more.

      I have heard really good things about Red Lotus but haven't made it there yet.

      I go to Queens for real Thai, Sripraphi of course, but lately I like Zabb and Chao Thai.

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      1. re: JMF

        Oh, and my basis for saying they are horrible comes from two things. Taste in general, does the food taste good, if not necessarily authentic. And their food tastes louisy.

        As well as authenticity, I studied at several culinary schools in Thailand and the only places on the East Coast that I've tried that have been authentic tasting and used authentic ingredients are those three in Queens.

        1. re: JMF

          I LOVE Chao Thai. Sripahai is great, but the last time I went there it seems as if things have changed. Maybe it was just my imagination.

        2. I was quite pleased with the food, service and ambience at Red Lotus in New Rochelle, but I am afraid I am not an expert on Thai food.

          1. I agree that Reka's is not good. It's crazy that there isn't more Thai in White Plains, isn't it?

            I've eaten at Red Lotus several times because it's nearby. We always like the food, but I've ordered a yellow curry with potatoes and carrots twice and there were no carrots. Last time I actually asked the waiter about the carrots. He didn't seem to know what I was asking at first, then said he'd go find out. And he ignored me the rest of the time as if my problem would just go away. That didn't make me too happy. Unfortunately they are the only Thai place near me other than Bangkok Thai.

            I like Bangkok Thai, but feel they are a tad overpriced. I think Red Lotus is better.

            The place in Ardsley is pretty darn good - just a little out of the way for me.

            1. Swaddee is not good at all.I've tried dinner takeout from there twice -- pad thai was greasy (something I've never run into before with that dish) and chicken masaman curry had no heat and very little chicken. The pad see ew was ok but nothing special.

              Only tried Thai House in Ardsley once, and it was nothing memorable. I've given up on Thai in Westchester (Red Lotus is a little out of the way) and just get it at a couple of places in NYC when I'm there.