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Jan 2, 2007 05:33 PM

Anyone know of the best Dim-Sum in Monterey Park/Alhambra/San Gabriel/Rosemead area?

Hi, I'm wonderin' if anyone knows of a great place for Dim Sum. I know the San Gabriel Valley must be full of 'em, but which are recommended?


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  1. 888 Seafood on Valley in Rosemead is my favorite for dim sum by cart.

    For off the menu dim sum my favorite is New Concept on Atlantic Blvd. south of Garvey in Monterey Park.

    Triumphal Palace in Alhambra and Mission 261 in San Gabriel also tend to get high marks for off the menu dim sum.

    I tend to prefer dim sum off the menu as it tends to be hotter and fresher. Although the selection is larger at 888 Seafood, and if you manage to sit reasonably close to the kitchen door it is still pretty fresh.

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      If you go to 888 on a weekend, I seriously doubt you'll get anything that's been on a cart for much more than 15 minutes, except for some cold or stewed items that are slower movers, and those mostly aren't hurt by waiting around anyway. In all my visits there, I have had perhaps two dumplings that had been riding around a bit longer than they should have.

      The cart vs. menu thing has been addressed elsewhere; I'll just say that dim sum to us MEANS carts. They are a significant part of the fun.

    2. Lots of opinions on this; NBC and Ocean Star, both "cart" places, have many fans also (me among them).

      r gould-saltman

      1. I went to Triumphal Palace over the holidays. The menu/no cart thing is different but everything was very fresh and every bit as good as people and reviews suggest.

        1. Having been to most of them over the past year, I'd rank Sea Harbour Seafood in Rosemead as the best of the bunch, with Triumphal Palace and 888 Seafood running closely behind.

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            I'll throw in votes for Seafood Harbor and 888 as well.

            1. Triumphal Palace is all ritz no glory. I don't get it. I'd rather blow money on Taiwanese food and a kick arse cup of boba at Tea Station next door.

              Yes, I get the fact that every dimsum joint in HKG and Shenzhen are menu-orders only now. Yes I understand it's "cool" to sheets of menus at every table just like the home country. I even understand the fancy decoration which replicated their restaurant in Guangdong but... nothing stood out. the chicken feet were bland, char siu bao was grossly gooey inside, overly sweet and lacked meaty substance. And the price. wow. turnip cake in X/O sauce, $7. WTF? I hope that was in RMB.

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                That's what I was thinking while eating there. Good but BORING.