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Jan 2, 2007 05:16 PM

Chocolate/Gourmet Food/Wine events in S.F. Bay Area?

I'm new to the area. What are best events to attend to experience gourmet food/wine/chocolate? I've heard of Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival. Anything else?

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  1. K&L Wine Merchants put together some really nice events - though can be pricey. Check out:

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      Thank you everyone for all the great suggestions. I will explore and I'm sure I will have many fun events to choose from!

    2. If you can swing an entry pass, the Fancy Foods trade show that is held in mid-January each year at the Moscone Center in SF is THE food event of the year. It is 2-day event (maybe 3 days) and is open for members of the food trade only. If you know someone who works in the business, they may be able to get a pass for you.

      There are also many wine & food events held during the course of the year at Ft. Mason in SF. The biggest is the ZAP Festival, a big wine tasting of zinfandel held in late January each year. Do a web search for Fort Mason and see if they have a website that has a calendar of events.

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        You will also find a calendar of events in the Food Section of the SF Chronicle on Wednesdays and the Wine Section on Fridays.

      2. Check out this site:

        You should also subscribe to, as their newsletter rounds up local food & wine events for you, often with discounts for being a member.

        Recent events included the SF Magazine fall fest, Inside the Kitchen at the Ritz, and the Star Chefs Gala on Nob Hill. I just checked, and this week's issue has an invitation to this event with a $15 discount:

        Fort Mason is a very popular venue for the big events like ZAP. You can keep an eye on their calendar here, as well.

        One last resource is the charitable events registry. They post all sorts of events, with food & wine as the major focus of many. They have not yet released the 2007 calendar, but you can browse the 2006 events to pick annual events that pique your interest:

        Welcome to the Bay Area, and enjoy!

        1. Later this month Copia in Napa is hosting an Artisan Wine, Food & Art event. For this event, only wineries producing less than 5000 cases are invited to pour their wines, so it's a great opportunity to discover some under the radar wineries.

          Next month Copia is hosting a Death by Chocolate Festival with walk around chocolate & wine tastings, demos, discussions and a book signing.

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            Thank you for this suggestion. I think this Death by Chocolate Festival is just the thing we are looking for. I'll check out the Copia site.