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Jan 2, 2007 05:00 PM

sometime soon? vegetarian sri lankan in staten island!

the week before christmas, we headed over to staten island for lunch at the new asha cafe, which is easily among our favorite places to eat in the whole world. especially when the exceptionally nice owner has prepared the black curry, or made anything with jackfruit.

i'm vegetarian, and always get the vegetarian platter (with the nonpareil saffron rice), and so i was super happy to hear that the owners will be opening a vegetarian annex in the space next to the adjoining grocery.

they told me they would open in the next couple of months, so keep a look out (i know i will...)

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  1. Address, please!!

    We are also vegetarian (but eat seafood, so I guess we're modified vegetarians) and have to cross State Island at least twice a month. Would like to try this place.


    Well, I jumped the gun on this one and did a quick search on it.
    Seems the Voice's Sietsema reviewed it a few years back. It's on Victory Blvd. in Stapleton, a bit off the highway for me.

    1. Thanks for reporting this! Hopefully we can make it out soon.

      New Asha has always been one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in the city too. Much better than New Sunshine (I think that's its name?) which is closer to the ferry on victory blvd. You can walk to New Asha from the ferry in about 20 mins if you're car-less, and there's a bus too...

      1. For those of you who haven't gone, you're missing out. Everybody on this board seems to be obsessing over whether Spicy and Tasty is better than the Flushing food court (and I admit I'm fairly obsessed with Little Pepper!), but New Asha Cafe is truly mindblowingly good....

        1. I live near the New Asha Cafe (a weird twist of events that includes a three story house and a grill the size of my old Manhattan apt.) and it is good... it is REAL good. But it makes me crave Chandna on 29th street. Oh my, yes.

          1. P.S. You are in a car. It's 9-12 minutes from the Slossen exit. It is worth your while.