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Jan 2, 2007 04:57 PM

Yellowtail crudo at Neptune oyster bar -- holy smokes!

Stopped into Neptune on New Year's day for an oyster or two (dozen) and tried the yellowtail crudo, which is just a great dish. The crudos there are always interesting -- raw fish, or scallops, or other impeccably fresh offerings with interesting combinations of flavors -- but this yellowtail is amazing. A black risotto cake topped with a big old slab of barely seared fish, served with smoked eel, seaweed salad, cucumber dressing. Big enough for two to share and not feel swindled for the $15.

We also tried the hot buttered lobster roll and I am shocked (shocked I tell you!) to post that it was just way too buttery for me. Beetlebug was right -- the combination of the buttery brioche and the butter-sauteed lobster meat was way over the top and next time I'm going back to the traditional cold with mayo. Excellent fries that little kitchen turns out and now I want to try the burger too.

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  1. Now really, is there such a thing as too buttery?

    The crudo sounds excellent - thanks for the heads up!

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    1. re: gini

      I never would have believed it either, but yes, it was too buttery for me. !!!!

      It was hard to even type it ... kind of like saying "too much bacon" but there you have it.

    2. I have had that very dish as a light meal at Neptune. With a couple of glasses of vetliner gruner, it was really wonderful. I wasn't sure if the eel would lend one flavor too many to the dish, but it didn't - it really worked. A generous portion of deliciousness!

      1. Second the recommendation for the yellowtail crudo..great dish. I think I had it with YY last year.

        1. Can't add much to yumyum's report except that I really, really love the place. YY and I had a crudo there a few years ago that was equally interesting and delicious. Something with salmon and toasted something something. Yes, I know that's really helpful.

          Also, can I just say that we're brilliant for going New Year's Day? When we arrived, it was just us, the bartender and one other couple.

          Oh and as much as it hurts to type this, yes there is such a thing as too much butter.

          1. Hey yumyum I was there too--twice, for both lunch and dinner. When were you there and where were you seated? Just left my card with Jeff (the owner), took a few-hour break, came back. That's one of my overall favorite dishes--though the current incarnation of the fried oysters, with grilled romaine, goat cheese, crispy lamb and about a few other things that subtle palates would despise but unsubtle ones, like mine and IMO the chef's, ADORE.
            PEI mussels with truffled robiola are another treat. Nothing like using an empty mussel shell to spoon up a broth of shellfish liquor and cheese.

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            1. re: tatamagouche

              I thought that was you! We've only met years ago briefly but a tiny flash of recognition came to me. We were there from about noon until about 2. You must be a regular -- we didn't get any complementary bubbly. :-(

              We considered the mussels with robiola but I couldn't wrap my head around the pairing, something about seafood and cheese that skeeves me out. I'll need to go back and try on your rec.

              Oh small world.

              1. re: yumyum

                Yep, live around the corner, home away from home. How funny you were there! I remember our meeting of course! But embarrassingly on NY Day my eyes were only on my dining companion--hope *our* combination of cheese and more cheese didn't skeeve you out.