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North End Boston

does anybody know a good restaurant for the dollar in the Northend of Boston.

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  1. My own feeling is that most of them aren't worth the money, even though many are pretty reasonable. Some picks:

    Low end: Pizzeria Regina (it's pizza only), Antico Forno

    Mid-range: La Brace, Carmen

    High end: Prezza, Mamma Maria

    1. There are many threads on this subject, so you might want to do a search, but a few I would recommend include La Summa on Fleet Street, Antico Forno (pizza and Italian) on Salem Street, and Galleria Umberto (Sicilian pizza) on Hanover Street.

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        No Rabia's? I think it's very good for the money.

        Umberto's is lunch-only, of course, but one heck of a value.

        Despite some recent complaints here, I still like Antico Forno.

        1. re: Bostonbob3

          Yes, definitely Rabia's. For some reason, that one slipped my mind. Darn brain cells....

          Another good one that is inexpensive is Pagliuca's on Parmenter Street. Great lasagna, excellent pastas in general, and definitely reasonable.

        2. Our visits to the NE have been one disapointment after another over the past few years.

          Except for Pizzeria Regina and Neptune Oyster, I am pretty much all done with the NE.

          Try Vinny's at Night or Lil Vinny's in Somerville for great Italian at an even better price.

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            gabatta... you took the words right out of my mouth... the only 2 reasons to go to the NE are the 2 spots you mentioned... Regina's and Neptune Oyster Bar. Nice.....

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              How is the neighborhood for Vinnys. Where is little Vinnys?

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                Steadily improving. I'd strongly suggest you consider purchasing real estate nearby.

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                  we purchased real estate near vinny's in 2002 and have seen lots of value added with a recent appraisal. The neighborhood has always been safe for us, even when we left a door open overnight or for a few hours and UPS has told us it's one of the safest for delivery. It's not suburban, it can strewn with trash (sanitation workers don't help) but it is safe and multi cultural/multi ethic and we like it. With Assembly Square developing, likely to become gentrified more.

                  Little Vinny's was some blocks away and closed some time ago.

                  I need to try Vinny's again soon. Since they got a Globe article and lots of publicity, a few years ago, seems to have taken a slide in quality and rising prices. Full bar now....interesting developments in restaurants and now Sarma is not far away! A great winter farmers market after the popular summer market, small business food entrepreneurs, Brownyn in Union Square, lots of ethnic food markets. Capone foods in Union a favorite for food shopping as well.

            2. I just went to Cibo for the first time and thought it was pretty good, and not that expensive. I had a very good linguini with clam sauce. The only thing that wasn't so hot was the bread, but it's a minor quibble.

              1. Daily Catch is pretty reasonable for pasta/seafood dishes.

                Red sauce..Artu is a good value. Their roast lamb/eggplant sandwich is great for lunch.

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                  I really agree with Artu and Ernesto's on Salem has always made nice slices of pizza pretty cheaply.

                2. I like La Familia Giorgio and if you have a student ID you get 10% off. Good food...nothing fancy.

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                    My fav line about this place is from a friend who said, "yeah, they give you huge portions. But then you have to eat it."

                    1. re: Bostonbob3

                      every dish starts with a pound of pasta. it's obscene.

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                        YES I agree.... about La Familia... Im looking for REGIONAL ITALIAN..not one of the many place in the NE that is ITALIAN AMERICAN.. whats the best place for that?

                    2. Artu on Richmond, Monica's Trattoria on Prince and Pomodoro on Hanover are all excellent and reasonably priced.

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                        Don't go to Pomodoro unless you don't mind being treated rudely, or worse. Read this first: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/336400

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                          Actually Artu is at 6 Prince St. It's one of our very favorite North End restaurants, and I've been dining in the NE all my life.....which is a considerable length of time.

                        2. Artu, Pizzeria Regina, Umberto Galleria

                          1. I am very sorry you had a bad experience at Pomodoro. I have always had a wonderful time there and love the food. It is a favorite of mine. As a North End resident for several years, I have come to realize that service at most places is very inconsistent and many servers are less than polite, unless you want to pay for a big night out at Lucca, Mamma Maria or Prezza.

                            1. Am I missing something about Lil Vinny's in Somerville?? I find their red sauce very jar-esque. Been to Vinny's at nite once and liked it better, but Lil Vinny's gravy/sauce is no even as good as a jar of Chateau Sauce. I generally judge an Italian restaurant by its red sauce... then the rest of the menu is "gravy". I am more partial to a toally smooth, beef flavored/based gravy.. and do understand some prefer chuncky marinara's. I just found that a bottle of tums are always needed after dining at Lil V's. Artu definitely has a very find red sauce/gravy. Drinkable by the quart without requiring an antacid chaser.

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                                I agree, Buddernut: Lil Vinny's food is a significant step down from Vinny's at Night, though it looks a little nicer. A very bad tradeoff.

                              2. I love Giacomo's on Hanover...Al Dente on Salem. And the bakeries are amazing! Bova's and there is another one that starts with a P on Parameter (?) Street. My husband loves Massimino's on Endicott.

                                I loved Umberto's pizza and arancini! Is Haymarket Pizza still around? They were pretty cheap like Umbertos and good!

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                                  Oh, Haymarket Pizza is still there. At least as of last night (sweet, sweet sausage pie...).

                                2. High End - Lucca, Prezza
                                  Mid level - Neptune Oyster, Tranta, Monica's
                                  Low End - Pagiluca's

                                  1. I am still a fan of Il Panino on Parmenter Street which has been around for 20 years now and has just added an outdoor patio. Has anyone been to Marco? It has not been mentioned in this thread and I am not sure how it fares.

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                                    1. re: mouths2feed

                                      I believe Marco has closed. Not sure though.

                                        1. re: gdiego

                                          Aah, zombie threads.

                                          Marco closed a year ago. Aria Trattoria is in that location now.


                                        2. re: mouths2feed

                                          Il panino was good but I thought overpriced

                                        3. Adding to some of the suggestions here -- I really like The Daily Catch for monkfish marsala and squid ink pasta on the side. Taranta is also a good place -- there's been a few recent posts about their Peruvian-Southern Italian food.

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                                            I agree with both of you recs, limster, But I can't believe we gotten to the last post, so far, before Taranta's mentioned, A sweet place with food and staff to match! Well at least nobody's championed Strega :-))

                                            1. re: Harp00n

                                              Yeah, I was assuming that there was much Taranta discussion recently, and folks just wanted to talk about other places instead.

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                                                +1 on Taranta. And no love for L'Osteria? Good value to me for Italian/American red sauce joint, especially at lunch.

                                            2. LoConte over on Salem Street.

                                              1. High end -Prezzas
                                                Low end - Benevutos, Al Dente and al Forno

                                                1. L'Osteria, Artu, Limoncello

                                                  1. Massaminos on Endicot st is a great vlaue with great food and a wonderful staff.

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                                                      I'd second that! Esp. worth noting, the antipasto salad is a great lunch deal -- with prosciutto, anchovies, tuna, provolone, marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts and more, along with basic salad greens etc. Also, the decor is fun -- colored glass lamps, table tops with painted scenes of Italy.