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Jan 2, 2007 03:50 PM

Uncle Billy's BBQ?

I've heard Uncle Billy's is moving back to Portland. Does anyone know where/when? Thanks!

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  1. On Congress street near the USM dorm

    1. Any news of an opening date yet?

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      1. re: joss2

        I just read in the Forecaster that it's open now. Haven't been by to see for myself yet.

      2. Never heard of Uncle Bill's BBQ. Sorry, but can you explain who they are ?
        Thanks, Irwin

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        1. re: irwin

          Jonathan St. Laurent has been cooking and serving BBQ under the Uncle Billy's name at various locations around the Portland area for many years. My favorite Uncle Billy's location was the one off India St. near the Sebago brewery. Great funky dive atmosphere and great food until it was shut down by a fire. I'm happy to see him working in Portland again.

        2. Yep, it's open. I went there a few nights ago. Very inexpensive for food and beer. Everyone else liked their food. I'm not a big bbq guy and I didn't care for how tough to chew my steak was. Perhaps that's in the cooking of it so I don't want to give an opinion on that. You get to pick two sides with every meal. Not sure I'll go back but I would recommend other people to try it out.

          1. Irwin, you would enjoy Uncle Billy's, wherever its current iteration is. My favorite location was the one in South Portland, across the old Million Dollar Bridge near the Griffin Club. I had my bachelor party there - the memories of that night have endured much longer than the marriage did...