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Jan 2, 2007 03:44 PM

Everett WA - Please give me your favorites!

We have in laws here for the week, and will need to feed them lunches, dinners, etc. We just moved recently ourselves, and don't know much about the dining options.

They are not hounds, but we are, and without guidance, I'm concerned we will be patronizing olive garden and applebees, because those are the places they recognize...

I will be forever indebted if you can save me from that!

Btw, any cuisine, with an emphasis probably on italian, seafood, straight up american, and regional pnw. Anything from $ to $$$. No break the bank options. Any place recommended should not frown on our bringing two children under 5 (relatively well behaved).

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  1. I believe you asked about Chinese restaurants a couple months ago so I'll leave them off the asian restaurants.

    Also, I don't know the exact names of some places I just know locations, but can follow-up with the correct names.

    Pacific Northwest
    Anthony's Homeport 1726 W Marine View Dr - I like to go before 6pm M through Thursday for the early bird Sunset dinners which is a 4 course fix priced deal.

    Arnies Restaurant 714 2nd Ave Mukilteo... right off the Mukilteo Speedway towards the ferry terminal - they have a 3 course earlly dinner from Sunday to Friday. I have not gone to this one, I didn't have reservations the one time I tried, but have gone to the Edmonds location.

    For both restaurants I recommend calling for reservations and ask to make sure they're running their early bird dinners. I believe they both have websites.

    Gianni's 5030 Evergreen - The place is good and prices are not bad. Service is a little disorganized. Their desserts seem out of a box vs homemade. However, I still like going to this place.

    Lombardi's 1620 W Marine View Dr - No personal experience here, but a few friends really enjoy this place.

    Up the block (west) from the Everett Events Center on Hewitt - a wooden figure of a chubby chef stands in front. The place has a Boston Redsox theme. Very informal place. Hot oven, thin crispy crust and good sauce is my experience. Slight variations depending upon who's making the pizza.

    I do NOT recommend Alfy's any location.

    In the same area - Everett Event Center, Alligator Soul 2013 1/2 Hewitt Ave. The place isn't bad, but it's hard for me to be truly unbiased having lived in Louisiana. It's a decent attempt. At times I feel it's pricey, service can be slow and the kitchen seems to try to be too fancy. BUT, I've enjoyed my meals their and think it's worth a try.

    Breakfast/Lunch Only Places
    Barney's Pastrami 5130 Evergreen Way # 103 - a sandwich place with limited seating, but good pastrami sandwiches.

    Depot Cafe and Smokehouse 3201 Mcdougall Ave near the train station - mainly a lunch place, but open till 6 pm or 7pm on Friday. A BBQ restaurant.

    Kate's Greek and American Deli 2512 Colby Avenue - A breakfast and lunch place. Another very informal place. The people are friendly.

    Japanese Teppanyaki
    I think the restaurants name is Kyoto (no sure). On Everett Mall Way look for the Red Robin's (across from Everett Mall) and drive back to Toys R Us. The restaurant is on the corner to the left. No sushi, but a little entertainment when they cook the food at your table on the grill. May be fun for the kids.

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      I curious about Arnies. I've seen their website, but never actually ate there. Your thoughts?

      Completely agree with you about Alfy's. Never had pizza with a cardboard crust delivered to my house before.

      1. re: rumgum

        This is in regards to the Arnies in Edmonds.

        I've driven by Arnies a few times and we decided to give it a try. It was a pleasant surprise that they had a 3 course dinner on Sunday. Anthony's is only on Monday through Thursday. Also, I was early enough were I didn't need a reservation.

        The restaurant was decorated nicely and clean, plus a good view of the water.

        The staff was very friendly and attentive.

        The food is presented nicely and the offerings are fresh. You can tell that the kitchen uses good ingredients and they prepare the food well.

        My first impression was that the dinner was quite good, but it didn't quite compare to Anthony's. It's hard to describe what was amiss. It's like a dish that's very good, but just needs an extra shake of salt to make it just a bit better. Also, I was comparing Arnies to Anthony's which makes it a hard sell. Anthony's has a lot of sentimental value to me.

        I do recommend trying Arnies. Arnies and Anthony's are nice pnw restaurants with the emphasis on affordable.

        I also recommend making a reservation. After walking in to a packed house, I now have their number programmed in my cell. I just call ahead to see if they have a table open.

        Question for the locals:
        Is there a connection between Arnies and Anthony's? The menus and logos look very similar in color and font. For all I know, they could be owned by the same parent company and use the same recipes.

    2. Thanks dave_c. This list will come in handy even after the extended family has gone home again.

      Btw, based on other's recs from this board, we tried Alligator soul and were not terribly impressed. My son got the red beans and rice, and liked it alot, but other than that, my husbands jambalaya was only fair, he said, and my salad (n'awlins version of cobb) was disappointing. The crawfish on top were rubbery and overly "fishy," despite it being more or less the season (this was maybe a month ago?), the croutons were stale, and the dressing (as well as the marinade on the tomatos) was excessively oily and otherwise without much flavor. The worst was the little corncakes. They tasted sour, as if they either contained citrus juice or rancid butter. Neither has a place in a good cornbread recipe. Could be it was an off day (we went for lunch, service was also horrible, long waits for everything) but I am in no big hurry to go back.

      1. I don't know why Everett restaurants have such a high turnover on waitstaff. I remember going to lunch at Alligator Soul and there was only one waitress covering the restaurant. She literally was running between tables and to the kitchen and back. It was amusing and sad at the same time.

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        1. Although you didn't mention Mexican, if you're feeling adventurous, The Tampico on Broadway and 23rd is a great place. We've been going there since 1988ish. Very warm and homey, our kids have always loved eating here (now they're 21 & 23 and still going). Try their carne esada med/rare and if you're watching your calorie intake, the tortilla soup.

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            As for Mexican, if you want to try some more authentic Mexican/Yucatan food, and break out of the box, don't bother going to La Hacienda on Everett Mall Way...if you like this sort of thing, you probably don't know about this website...instead, just across the street and a bit north (by Q'doba and next door to the AAA of WA office) is a place called El Pechugon. My husband is from Mexico and we had been meaning to try this place. We were not disappointed. Lots of items on the menu, but we went with one of the specials, Cochinita Pibil, a slow-roasted, shredded and marinated pork that came with wonderful beans and rice...everything fresh and some of the best margaritas we've had. The owner is from the Yucatan region of Mexico and couldn't be nicer. Service was very prompt and friendly. The food is fresh and delicious. Doesn't look like much from the outside, but decorated very nicely inside with some great artwork. If you want to break away from the combo #1,2,3, etc. menus and see what mexican food can really be, check it out. I don't think many people know about or are willing to try it yet. The owner said they stay open to 10pm or 12am most evenings because the cooks and waitstaff from the "other" restaurants come to eat after they are done working...maybe the peeps from La Hacienda...

          2. We've never been to La Hacienda on Everett Mall Way. Thanks for the info. on "El Pechugon", we'll give them a try. Have you tried Tampico on Broadway?