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Jan 2, 2007 03:07 PM

Looking for good Thai and Indian food in Wicker Park

New transplant looking for delicious food. Inexpensive to moderate is best but I'm interested in knowing about anything really good.
I live near Kingston Mines.

Thank you.

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  1. I don't know any good Indian in Wicker Park, or any actually.

    As for Thai, I really like Thai Village at 2053 W Division.

    I don't know if it's Thai, but a big favorite of mine is Dharma Gardens, on 3109 W. Irving Park Road. It's vegetarian but they're really creative--they have Chive dumplings and papaya salad that are both super yummy.

    If you're looking for Indian the big cluster is up on Devon Avenue. I enjoyed Udupi Palace, 2543 W Devon.

    But if you're near Kingston mines there may be something closer to you.

    1. I remember a pretty good Thai place on Halsted close to Fullerton. I think you might be looking for places in Lincoln Park not Wicker Park which is miles away from Kingston Mines.

      1. oh my, thank you for telling me I have the wrong neighborhood name! I'll try again.

        Many thanks to you both.

        1. I live near Thai Village, but it just doesn't cut if for me (no offense). I tried their Pad Thai on multiple occasions, and each and every time it was an awful disappointment. If a Thai Restaurant can't get Pad Thai right, then something is just plain wrong.

          I have to say that Thai Castle on Chicago Ave just a smidge east of Ashland on the north side of the street has EXCELLENT Thai Food. Great Spring Rolls, Fab Curries (love the Panang), great satay, Tom Tum Soup, Beef Salad - I could go on and on. The place isn't much to look at on the inside - pretty bare, but if you're going for good Thai Food, who cares? They also do take-out and delivery!

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          1. re: srneubauer

            Thanks. I live quite close to Thai Castle, I'll have to give it another crack.

            What in particular did not satisfy about the Pad Thai at TV?

          2. Thai Lagoon on North Ave (close to Western) is very good.

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            1. re: rubinow

     per my post on another recent Thai query: IMO Wicker Park has no restaurant that can stand up to Chicago's best Thai...and definitely not Thai Castle...just horrible(and by horrible I mean the worst-most-abused-to-the-breaking-point-idea of what Thai cuisine can be...I threw my first and last order in the trash). WP used to have a strong Thai contender in more. If yr hankering for some unusual, idiosyncratic, tasty interpretations of Thai-Chinese(or do I have that backward?) try Luc Thang Noodle just up Ashland shy of North. Avoid the entrees(inevitably dumbed-down Chinese-Thai fare) go for the laab, the tom yum, the interesting ground beef potstickers, the catfish in claypot, the Vietnamese grilled beef salad, hell, even the crab rangoon---that Thai specialty ;). Thai Lagoon is so pfff and Thai Castle is simply ack. These places don't begin to compare to the standards at Opart or Rosded or the cuisines offered at TAC...just to name three. It's easy to find plebian Thai fare in Chicago esp. if Thai merely means phat thai to you.
              Branch out, you'll enjoy yourself.