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Staub Cookware - got one - looking for more

I just purchased a 5 quart Staub at a local outlet (Reading China and Glass), for 50 bucks. So far, I love it. Eventually, I'd like to add the 8 Qt version, or even 10 quarts if they make one that large.

Unfortuately, my local store does not carry this size. Anyone know where to get a great deal like that on Staub cookware? Any suggestions for another suitable brand without spending 200 bucks?

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  1. Oh ya, I forgot to mention - I'm also investigating a new grill pan. Staub makes one the size I'd like, and they have it here locally for 25 bucks. Anyone have experience with this? It has a folding handle, which is nice, but I'm worried it will break easily.

    1. QVC currently stocks the 4, 5, and 6 quart pots (5 qt for $59.40), and the grill pan mentioned. I don't know if they have ever carried a larger range, if this is new for them, or if it is discontinued stock for them. Maybe worth a call to their custemr service line.

      1. Have you talked to someone at the store (manager, owner, or someone who cares) to see if they can order what you may need?

        They are online, (link below) so you can possibly search the net for bargains or other sellers at your home leisure.

        Careful to take into account shipping these days, as they are not getting cheaper. You may find it is rather cost prohibitive (gasp) when shipping almost equals or exceeds the items cost.



        1. Amazon.com right now has an amazing sale on Staub. Really great prices. Go to the Gold Box link on the upper right and there you will find the link to the sale!

          1. blondelle,
            Thank you so much for posting about the amazon sale on staub. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to check out the sale, email my friend about it, buy the staub, and send a second email to my friend again.

            I got the bleu 5 qt le cocotte for 99.99 plus FREE shipping.


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              Oh no! For 5 more bucks (and assuming you don't mind red) you could have gotten the 3 piece starter set which includes the 9 inch grill pan, the 9 inch oval roasting dish, and the 5 quart round oven. Choose that $25 discount and it all comes down to $104.99.

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                Thanks for the tip, HaagenDazs, I just jumped on it.

                I didn't really feel I could afford to be buying more kitchen items right now but this deal seemed WAY too good to pass up. Would I have preferred another color, sure. And I really thought I was wed to LC on brand, but all research led me to believe that I wasn't going to be disappointed (that they are from Alsace was a positive point of influence in the decision process).

                QUESTION: Anyone think I SHOULD NOT use the grill pan as a broil pan?

                I have a recipe in my repertoire for broiled swordfish

                but believe it or not, no broil pan for the oven. I have used a high wall All-Clad grill pan but would prefer not to if I can use this instead.

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                  I saw that AFTER I placed my order...but didn't do the calculations that it would only be $5 more and I get the additional two pieces...crap! Oh well...Thanks though

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                    There have surely been worse things ;-) Still a great price!

                    1. re: BellaDonna

                      Has your order shipped yet? (It seems that most things aren't in stock yet and are set to ship in February.) If not, you can cancel your original order and place another order for the set. Although I like the bleu...

                      1. re: traceybell

                        It took less than two days to be delivered.

                    2. re: HaagenDazs

                      The set is on the Friday sale today for $110.

                      1. re: Dee S

                        If it's for $110, it's still $5 more than I paid for it considering you can only use the $25 dollar off coupon on purchases over $125.

                        Total purchase price including shipping of $104.99

                  2. That is a great sale. I got a beautiful looking 7-qt in yellow for $115 because you get $25 off if you spend $125 in housewares. (this does not apply to the le creuset). Plus I had just received an Amazon gift certificate, so great deal overall.

                    I had initially wanted a Le Creuset, but after a lot of online research on enameled cast iron, decided I preferred to have a Staub as the performance seems equal to Le Creuset and I like the design and color choices better. Also, it's less ubiquitous.

                    In case anyone's interested, here are some factors that influenced me. Some people feel the Staub's black enamel produces better browning and fond. I think this is backed up by a poster here saying that the no-knead bread burns a bit at the bottom in the Staub but not the Le Creuset. (I know this sounds negative but I am very fond of um, fond and will sacrifice burnt bread for more of it.)

                    The LA Times and Gourmet both preferred Le Creuset's light-colored enamel because it's easier to tell when browning is done. I decided this didn't matter so much to me, as I can't tell either way. I felt the LA Times did an unfair cooking study in that with the Le Creuset they turned over their braising meat midway, while with the Staub they didn't. They wanted to see if the nibs under the lid would work. (Apparently, they don't--at least not to that extent.) So, of course the meat in the Staub was a little drier. They also found that the Le Creuset 5-qt has more surface capacity than the 5-qt Staub.

                    What concerned me most though was that they said the Le Creuset lid fit better. But then I found a mention that said Cooking Light or Cooking Fine found that the 5-qt Staub's lid fit best in a test of enameled cast iron. So that eased my mind and made me think the two are very comparable and it just comes down to personal preference. So I let myself be won over by the pretty (and the sale).

                    1. You're all very welcome ;-). I'm a cookware junkie, and it does my heart good when other people buy along with me. Makes me feel less guilty...lol! What sold me on the Staub was that because it seasons, it gets better with age. The LC just gets dingy brown stains, that don't bleach out anymore, and stains with red wine, and searing meat, and gets worse looking the more you use it. I got a red one and next to my red Creuset, it's MUCH more beautiful. The LC red is flat and orangy, while the red on the Staub just glows. It goes from burgundy to ruby. I also like the design better.

                      They are wrong about the nubs not working on the lid. They said when they lifted it, they were dry. Here's a photo that proves they do work.


                      Click on the photo to enlarge. I don't know what the LA Times was talking about. Another person on Amazon though pointed out there are three little bumps on the inside rim of the Staub rim that stop it from sealing tightly so I don't know. They are there for a reason, but they said their food dried out on top.

                      I'm going to call Staub to find out why they are there.

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                        That's interesting - my pot doesn't have those nubs.

                      2. GDSinPA, I called the Reading store and was going to place an order, but what they have isn't the French Staub, but the Staub made for QVC. The French Staub has the nubs on the lid, with the black interior. When I asked they told me all theirs all had the light interior. It's two different lines, and totally different.

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                          Interesting - I was begining to wonder if it was a different line. Thanks for doing the investigative work.
                          I still think it's a very good pot for a decent price - what do you all think?
                          The pot says "Made in France" on it though. I should have been aware of this issue as I've seen it on other areas of manufacturing.

                          Here is a link to the pots from QVC. I checked my reciept, it was actually 40 bucks - I forgot that we bought a trivet with it for another 10 bucks.

                          1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                            Well, yes and no. For instance Froogle lists a price of $200+ for a 3 piece Staub cookware set that I just bought at Amazon for $104.99. Don't see that in Froogle...

                          2. Mine arrived today in NYC. Wanted to share a few things.

                            ORDER HISTORY

                            order placed 10:54 AM Jan 10
                            order shipped from Harrisburg PA 9:45 PM Jan 10
                            first try 11:21 AM Jan 11 (not home)
                            delivered 12:37 PM Jan 12

                            One day turn around by Amazon, VERY nice.


                            a) heavier than I imagined (after reading what people said comparing it to LC); very pleased.

                            b) color is a little odd, but in a good way

                            Skillet is all black, glazed on bottom, no enamel over ridges (not that I was expecting the ridges to be enameled)

                            roasting pan bright red on bottom (hold upside down to see) and quickly changes with gradation to burgundy (to my pleasant surprise)

                            pot more dominantly bright red, but still changes to burgundy ... except lid, which is bright red on top (burgundy on the sides)

                            all of this is superficial and just struck me as a tad odd, that's all.

                            c) grill ridges not terribly deep, 1/3" at most (fine by me, I already have a grill pan)

                            d) handle on lid can be removed (if you really must) with a screwdriver; more to the point, it can be tightened if it loosens over time.

                            e) removable handles on grill a little tight; I hope to loosen them up (olive oil?) to the extent that I can slide under a broiler then easily remove handles

                            f) the roaster, at 9" x 7" x 1.5" is smaller than it appears. Potatoes for 2-3, but longer root vegetables might do better on a baking sheet.

                            g) 5.5 quarts is smaller than I thought; in fact, it's deceptive small, so much so that I actually measured in the 22 cups of water needed to confirm it's size (it actually could have taken another cup or two, but I wouldn't want to cook like that).

                            I read elsewhere on the board of people considering getting a couple of 2 quart ovens instead of a 5 or 5.5. FOR ANYONE THINKING THIS IS TOO BIG ... it's not. This is the size you want, trust me (dimensions are 10" x 4.4", FWIW).

                            and finally,

                            h) should I be concerned or merely disappointed that the external glazing did not meet the internal enamel; there are VERY large patches, on the pot, the lid and the roasting pan where they do meet and where they do not meet.

                            Maybe this is what you get for half price? Or maybe, as the material came with it says, "(s)ome irregularities may appear because of our traditional and hand-crafted manufacturing process...". I'm hoping for the latter.

                            Admittedly, I am cooking with these and as an amateur (and how) I will be knocking them around, but I was a wee concerned that gaps or openings where the glaze and enamel should have met might spell trouble down the road.

                            Looking forward to taking it for a spin with this

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                            1. re: NYChristopher

                              Not sure what you mean by the enamel and glazing not meeting up... can you clarify?

                              1. re: HaagenDazs

                                glazing is red and on the outer walls
                                enamel is black and on the inner walls

                                in each case, there is a point where they come together (remember, the wall has a certain degree of thickness); it is at this point, on TOP of the wall if you will, where instead of it being enameled or glazed, there is exposed cast iron.

                                Again, not the outer all, not the inner wall, but the TOP of the wall.

                                I would think that as it's cast iron, there's no concern vis-a-vis cooking; what concerns me is that there is now an exposed edge where might be an opportunity for chipping to take hold.

                                Am I completely paranoid?

                            2. I don't think the rim is exposed cast iron. I think they just leave the first undercoat of enamel on the rim to protect it from rusting. The rim isn't fully enameled to prevent it from chipping there. That's how Le Creuset does it, and I assume Staub would do it that way also. The 5 qt. Staub oven was $200 alone. I don't think they would leave exposed cast iron as it would cause an unacceptable rusting problem!

                              1. Is the Amazon sale over? The set looks like $149.00 now and the 5 qt cocottes are $189.

                                Is this the same as the QVC stuff that they call Staub Basix?

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                                  It appears to have ended within a day or two of our collective jumping on the deal.

                                  BTW, I would respectfully argue that you do NOT want to spend the money on the Basix line. Yes, Staub makes it, but the quality, from all indications, is inferior to their standard line.