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burger in union square area - good hood joint

shen Jan 2, 2007 01:10 PM

I am not a fan of BLT burger and do line Old Town bar but want a neighborhood joint with great not chargrilled burgers....can anyone suggest a place? willing to pay for a great one.

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    roze Jan 2, 2007 01:23 PM

    Favorite places for a burger around here are Molly's on 3rd, Pete's Tavarn on Irving and Grand Saloon on 23rd street.

    1. g
      GravyDog Jan 2, 2007 03:42 PM

      try corner bistro in west village - corner of bleeker & west 4th.

      1. s
        shen Jan 2, 2007 04:06 PM

        like corner bistro...not to be lazy but can anyone suggest something east or west of the park? I live at 15th and 5th. thanks
        ps. WILL NOT even consider mesa grill...hate it there or chat n chew (filthy)

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        1. re: shen
          Lucia Jan 2, 2007 04:16 PM

          The newly-opened Stand is nearby. Haven't been yet.

          1. re: Lucia
            Gordognyc Jan 3, 2007 01:12 AM

            I went today for lunch. I had the "house" burger medium rare. It was juicy but a little loosely packed and fell apart a bit while I was eating it. Ordered the shoestring fries. They are too well done and taste like potato sticks. They should keep them in the fryer for a bit less. The service was very attentive. They don't have a liquor license yet. Considering they just openned I thought it was OK. I will give it a month and go back.

        2. t
          Todd Jan 2, 2007 04:09 PM

          Molly's on 3rd btwn 22nd and 23rd is your best bet

          1. t
            tenndawg Jan 2, 2007 04:21 PM

            Too bad for you that the Cedar Tavern closed down -- that place "haunted my dreams."

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            1. re: tenndawg
              dude Jan 2, 2007 07:20 PM


              Olde Towne Tavern is pretty solid.

            2. r
              romafan Jan 2, 2007 05:53 PM

              Knickebocker - University & 9th

              1. c
                candyismmm Jan 2, 2007 06:01 PM

                Tracey J's sports bar. I kid you not. They make a great turkey club too. It's a tacky sports bar but the burgers are top notch.

                1. s
                  shen Jan 2, 2007 06:41 PM

                  is tracey j's across from DUKES

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                  1. re: shen
                    candyismmm Jan 2, 2007 11:23 PM

                    that's the place.

                  2. Scott V Jan 2, 2007 06:45 PM

                    the Metro Cafe and Wine bar makes a wonderful burger on 21st, but I guess I'd consider it chargrilled.

                    Molly's in the way to go.

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                    1. re: Scott V
                      candyismmm Jan 2, 2007 11:27 PM

                      I'll second the suggestion for Metro Cafe. They use Balthazar bread, and the meats really good. I seem to recall they had waffle fries too. Definetly more of an attempt at an upscale burger then the classic monster over at Molly's, but they're both really great.

                    2. p
                      pennie Jan 2, 2007 07:16 PM

                      Definitely try Molly's or for a small, fast fix, try Burger Joint on 3rd Avenue and 20th-21st--they're more like sliders at $1.25 each, but great.

                      1. j
                        Jivetalker Jan 3, 2007 12:08 AM

                        I actually think Coffee Shop has a really good burger.

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                        1. re: Jivetalker
                          csw Jan 3, 2007 03:43 AM

                          ...plus the BEST fries!!!!!!!

                        2. t
                          tsiblis Jan 3, 2007 12:32 AM

                          There's something called Metro Cafe or something like that in the Union Square area that has nice wines and burgers.

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