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Jan 2, 2007 01:01 PM

Coffee and linger?

Got some studying I need to do. Normally, I'd go to DT-UT as it's just around the corner, but I'd like to get out of the 'hood.

What are your favorite places to grab a cup 'o Joe and then kick back for a while? Any 'hood will do, but I'm feeling in a downtown kind of mood today.

Thanks :)


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  1. My two favorites are Think, on Mercer Street by W. 4th and
    Jack's Stir Brewed on W. 10th between 6th and 7th.

    1. I like both of the above, and would add to them Doma in the West village, Perry street and 7th ave, and Mud Hut in the east village, 9th between first and second.

      1. Went to What a dump! The place had flies flying around in the middle of winter. Wanted to go home and shower after sitting there for half an hour.

        Moved over to Cafe Pick Me Up which was much nicer, but I was sitting at a table. I'd like to find someplace today with more comfortable (cushy) chairs.

        I'll try the above suggestions.


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        1. re: TipsyMcStagger

          haha...yes, is pretty foul inside -- you need a cholera shot to survive in there for more than an hour...

          try Mud on 9thSt., just east of 2nd Ave (sometimes it's a little too dark, but the coffee is good)...

          i like Think also but it's often very crowded...last week however it was nice and empty because NYU was on vacation...

          also, check out Lotus on Clinton/Stanton in LES...

        2. I like Joe's on Waverly Place or in the E 12th St. location. It's a totally casual vibe that you can linger for hours. It's just during the morning coffee rush is where you'll feel a bit cramped though.

          1. doma is perfect if you don't need wi-fi. really cozy and comfortable cafe that's very popular with writers and others doing work, thus it's perfect for studying. also, it's in a picturesque, sunlight-filled corner location (perry st @ waverly place) in the west village. be warned, tho - depending what time of day you go, it may be difficult to score a table. also, i think they don't allow customers to bring their laptops on saturdays and sundays until after 4pm so as to leave space for brunch customers. not that i'd get the brunch here anyways, as the food and coffee are unremarkable. but the place is great for hanging out and getting work done.

            other options nearby that DO have free wireless access include the following:

            -grounded (jane st btwn w. 4th st & waverly pl, west village)
            -'snice (8th ave @ w. 4th st, west village)
            -soy luck club (greenwich ave @ jane st, west village--they require you to make a food purchase if you stay more than a half hour, though)
            -think coffee (mercer st btwn w. 4th & w. 3rd sts, nolita)
            -theeee coffee chamber (bleecker st btwn lafayette st & bowery, noho--it may or may not have changed its name to simply "17 bleecker", which is its address)

            all of these places have power outlets where you can plug in your laptop, with think coffee being the most spacious and with the most outlets. filled with nyu students, so it can be difficult to get a table at certain times of day. but overall, i think it's a great place.

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            1. re: surly

              i actually found a 1 1/2 month-old post about a similar subject. here's the link, along with what i wrote back then:


              -the bourgeois pig (e. 7th st, e. village
              )-palacinka (grand st, soho)
              -tarallucci e vino (agreeing w/the other poster; 1st ave/10th st, e. village)
              -cafe gitane (during off-hours; mott st, nolita)
              -caffe dante and caffe reggio (2 touristy places on macdougal st in the village)
              -caffe vivaldi (jones st, w. village; usually not as crowded as the more touristy village cafes)
              -doma (perry st @ waverly pl, w. village)
              -dt-ut (2nd ave, upper east side)
              -88 orchard (orchard/broome sts, lower east side)
              -the grey dog's coffee (carmine st, w. village)
              -grounded (jane st, w. village)
              -snice (8th ave/w. 4th st, w. village)
              -la bergamote (9th ave, chesea; great french pastries)
              -le gamin cafe (multiple downtown locations)
              -71 irving place (irving pl, gramercy park)
              -think coffee (mercer st, noho)
              -theeee coffee chamber (bleecker st, noho)

              1. re: surly

                Went to Joe on Waverly. Great cup of coffee and I got a lot done (studying), but I was lucky to grab a's fairly tiny. Also walked past Doma out of curiosity but didn't go inside. It looked pretty crowded as well.

                Of all of the above recommendations, can anyone narrow the options to those that have more comfortable in couches and cushy chairs?

                Joe was great, but it's all tables and metal chairs. From what I could tell walking past, Doma looked the same.



                1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                  88 Orchard in the LES has lots of cushy seating that you look for (it's downstairs); the atmosphere is casual and the wall decor is funky. But I find their coffee a bit bland or watered down.

                  1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                    I believe Soy Luck Club has comfortable seating.

                    Better, if you venture to the Tea Lounge in Park Slope, it's like a living room on steriods there are so many couches and comfy chairs.