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Jan 2, 2007 12:26 PM

Best everyday pan?

Hello -

What are your thoughts on a great everyday pan? My Calphalon met an untimely fate and I need to replace it. It needs to be at least 12" across and have 2 loop handles.



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  1. As an everyday pan I use a simple iron saute pan that cost me under $30.00.

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    1. re: andreas

      I love my cast iron skillet, 12" across, one loop handle, one regular. It's under $30.

    2. Westy, Staube makes a coated cast iron skillet that is a work of art.

      1. I was looking for something similar, and I found that the All-Clad braiser resembles the Calphalon everyday pan, has a lid, can go in the over, has the two loop handles (I think)...basically can do everything. I don't know if you're looking in that range (I decided I couldn't swing it), but if you want to splurge, an absolutely-every-single-day pan is the place to do it, right?

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          I have a very similar pan made by Cuisineart which I bought at Macy's for I think around $30-40. It has become my go to pan for just about everything. Its nice and deep, which is really great if you're cooking things like greens which shrink a lot. Fantastic! It has curved sides though if that's a problem for you.

        2. The Calphalon Anondized Everyday Pan is perpetually on sale at Amazon for $25-30. I haven't used it, so I cannot attest to it's quality.

          1. My mom just got some Belgique pans from Macy's for my sister because they were on sale. She got 3 or 4 different pans for $79. At first I thought they were just pretty with their domed lids and copper bottoms. But then she accidentally boiled some tea for about 2 hours because she fell asleep. The bottom was dried out and charred and it looked a mess but it cleaned up in 2 seconds. I was so impressed because I would've thought you'd have to throw it out or boil with some baking soda concoction. So, they're made in China and not too heavy but I think they're good pans. And very reasonably priced now.