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Jan 2, 2007 11:38 AM

North-eastern Sicily

Does anyone have any food related recommendations for north-eastern Sicily? (Ingredients or restaurants) I am likely to be staying near Patti (so on the north coast rather than Messina) for a week. All help appreciated as I don't know this corner of Sicily at all!

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  1. I'll check in the Italian Touring Club guide and post later.

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    1. re: Marco

      Do you mean 'authentic sicily' - if so, I've got it and will be using so that's ok, but if you have any particular rec's then they'd be appreciated!

      1. re: ali patts

        That's the one. We've haven't spent much time in that part of the island so I really don't have any rec's. How long are you there for and when are you going? You're not far from Cefalu where there is good dining. I have some notes on Cefalu that I can offer.

        1. re: Marco

          Unlikely to be in Cefalu as we've been there before, looks like uncharted waters! I will be sure to report back on any finds but I'm not off there until September, just ridiculously excited about the prospect of holiday! Of course, I may sneak off elsewhere in Sicily for a cheeky week in May! If you were going anywhere on the island where would it be? I would have to pay a visit to Modica to Fattoria delle torre and I fancy going to a restaurant in Porto Palo the neame of which escapes me!

    2. Will you be going to the Aeolean Islands? We stayed on Lipari for a few days several years ago, and I could look up where we went. The one that I remember off -hand is La Nassa:
      We also spent time in Siracusa, which was great, and Taormina, which was beautiful but very touristy.

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        Might do, depends on how 'holiday mode' we are at that point! It would seem a shame not to as we will be so near the boat, so, if you can recall anywhere that would be great! It's unlikely we will be in Siracusa or Taormina at all this trip - possibly driving through, but if that's the case I already know where we'll be stopping!

      2. Marsala is the place that I would head to when I return. I liked the feel of the place a lot. If you are near Mazara, I would head to Ristorante Mounir. The Tunisian-Sicilian chef-owner cooks some fine food.

        1. if you can make it to a small town called Porticello, near Bagheria, check out Francu Piscatore Ristorante.... my cousin owns it and it's EXCELLENT. My husband and I, along with my parents, were there in late Sept./early Oct for the festival of the Madonna De Lume it was great!

          my parents were born there and we go visit every few years... we ate at a few other great places but honestly, the best meals were homecooked by family.