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Jan 2, 2007 06:44 AM

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Edmonton

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Edmonton opened in late-November 2006. Any feedback so far? Is it doing well or not? Anyone here who has tried the Edmonton location? Can Edmonton support a high-end steakhouse serving prime grade steaks? There might not even be one restaurant or steakhouse in Edmonton serving Canada Prime grade steaks.

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  1. BLM:

    I have not eaten there yet but intend to try it out later in the month or in February now that the Christmas and New Years festivities have subsided.

    As a result, all of my comments are either anecdotal or based upon second hand information.

    Most of the "buzz" has been positive. Friends who have in fact eaten there or in their lounge have said that it was very good. The reviews I have read were pretty decent although one might have been more critical. That having been said I am going from memory.

    The biggest complaint I have heard is their penchant for butter. I have heard that you leave a trail of that odour after a night of dining.

    Can Edmonton support a high-end...I would say VERY high end...steakhouse serving prime grade steaks? I was of the opinion that it would and could not. I may have been wrong as I am told that they are busy. I expect the next few months may tell the story now that the Xmas and holiday "splurge" season is over.

    They have dealt with local cattle industry concerns by offering Alberta strip loins in addition to their standard corn fed US prime beef.

    This type of dining does not excite me. For example Steve, I would rather eat at Club Chasse et Peche or Au Pied de Cochon than Queux de Cheval or West rather than Gotham but apparently thus far they are doing well at what they are doing.

    I'll post when we try it.

    1. Corn fed US prime? Ug. I'll take grass fed if I want to shell out money for steak.

      1. I'm not sure the grade of beef indicates origin - I thought plenty of Canadian beef was sold in the US, and therefore graded by the US Department of Agriculture. But if there is a steakhouse serving Prime in Edmonton besides Ruth's Chris, I have not found it. Most other places cheap out with the 'Sterling Silver' designation that spans Choice to AAA.

        Was there about a month ago, and the steak was very, very good. I happen to like butter. Thought the service had a few kinks to work out, but the staff were very hospitable and knowledgeable about the menu. (No place to put your coat, and no one taking it - strange to be paying these prices and eating with your coat scrunched on your chair.) Definitely not a place for creative cooking, but for basics done well. The bread and coffee was very good too, unlike what I've had at Ric's. Bread pudding, on the other hand, was pretty underwhelming (uneven temperature, and had nothing on the version at Jack's) and I would probably not order dessert there again - not that you would have room for it anyway. I do a frugal home cooking blog ( but thought this place was worth the eating out dollars and would return. (And am from an Alberta beef farming family.)

        Looking forward to hearing others' impressions.

        1. Thanks for the feedback so far. I need to correct myself, Ruth's Chris Edmonton, opened in late-October(not November). I'm a big beef eater, although I know steakhouses is not adventurous dining. However I see in the states, that many of the big name chefs(including top french chefs) are opening high-end steakhouses. I find it very disturbing with over the top butter thing with many dishes at Ruth's Chris(for this reason alone, I'm not sure Ruth's Chris could be successful opening a location in Montreal). I find too many people in Montreal prefering lean(& as less fat as possible).

          1. Would not consider Ruth's Chris to be high end, unless you are talking price. By that I mean it is not a highly formal, elegant experience - more comfortable. My feelings are just that as long as it is the only place in town serving Prime there is no reason to eat steak anywhere else.

            By the time I went I think they had reduced the butter somewhat in response to the reviews (our server emphasized that the steak came with a BIT of butter), but seriously, a tablespoon or two of butter is kind of moot when it draped over a sixteen ounce piece of prime grade meat. (It is tons of very rich food - I ended up walking home, and live on the other side of the river valley. And we took a lot home with us.)

            Another thing to note is that their general manager, Brian Welsh, is pretty well known in the Alberta food scene and his move there created some buzz.

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            1. re: pepper_mil

              Good point. I know some serious foodies, who don't consider any steakhouse fine dining(or high end). There's no reason to eat steak anywhere else in Edmonton, if you can afford it. Personally I would like the big steakhouses, to offer smaller portions(whether it's steak or seafood). I remember going to the Queue de Cheval steakhouse in Montreal at lunchtime around 2-3 years ago, & the smallest steak they had even at lunch was 18oz! Even their desserts were enormous.

              Glad Ruth's Chris Edmonton is reducing their butter portions for their dishes.

              1. re: pepper_mil

                While there's probably no other restaurant in Edmonton serving Prime beef, are there any restaurants in Edmonton serving Alberta Kobe beef(there must be)? Or should I say Alberta Wagyu beef. There's no restaurant in Edmonton(besides Ruth's Chris Edmonton) serving Canada Prime beef? How pathetic!!!

                1. re: BLM

                  Ruth's Chris is the only one I know of for any nationality of Prime, based on all the online checking I could do, but am not going to make the effort to do a phone investigation (am moving from Edmonton within the week).There are a couple places that serve AAA, and I have seen 'Certified Angus' pop up as well, though to me Angus is nothing more than a specific breed.

                  One or more of Edmonton's Century restaurants (Century grill, lux steakhouse, delux burger bar) has a Kobe burger - not sure what the point is, if the stuff is ground. There is a lot about the Edmonton restaurant scene that I like, but on this point I have to concede 'pathetic'.....maybe someone else on the board knows more. (I am pretty sure you can get Canada Prime in Calgary but I don't remember the place that serves it.)

                  1. re: pepper_mil

                    Where are you moving to(just curious)? Are they're any butchers in Edmonton, that are carrying Canada Prime beef? From what I've heard, they're now one or two Calgary restaurants serving Canada Prime(don't know name of the retaurants however).