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Jan 2, 2007 05:18 AM

Knife Sharpening

Anyone know where I can get my knife sharpened in LA. I live in the Silverlake area.

Thanks a lot.


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  1. Before they all became Ralph's, the butcher departments of the old Hughes markets in the L.A. area would permit you to leave off a couple of knives at a time for sharpening, for free. Alas....

    1. Here's a former thread on this topic:

      I've gotten knifes sharpened at Ross, downtown, and they know what they are doing.

      There's also a place not mentioned on that prior thread, that's on little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills, on the north side of the street between/around Camden/Rodeo/Beverly, but I don't recall the name. I've not been there, but it's been there forever. Will post name tomorrow when I'm in the office.

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        I just went to Ross Cutlery for the first time, and my Shun santoku came back razor sharp. I compared its edge to my Shun chef's knife, which has barely been used, and it was much sharper than the new one!

        And a note on Ross's customer service: fantastic! I lucked out by going when they weren't too busy, but the man who sharpened my knife spent a lot of time teaching me how to hone my knife, check for sharpness, and suggested I save up for a diamond honing stick (even though that would cut down on the number of times per year I need to visit him). I also brought in a pair of brand new sewing shears that weren't working right. I thought they weren't sharp, or were maybe loose. Turns out my friend inadvertently bought me lefty scissors. My face must have looked incredibly dejected, because he offered to take the scissors off my hand and trade me a brand new pair of righty scissors still in the original packaging for $5. So instead of having to give my scissors away to a lefty, pay $11 for the sharpening I thought it needed, plus $30 to get myself new righty scissors, I paid $5 and got a new pair of scissors, and he'll sell my scissors as used. Incredible to get that kind of service these days.

        They were also having a sale on some knife sets, and seemed to have good prices on Global knives. I didn't look around too much, but prices seemed comparable to or better than fancy places like Sur La Table.

        1. Bristol Farms on Beverly near Doheny sharpens knives for free. They have a huge sign over their meat counter advertising this. I don't know how they compare with experts like Ross, but I gave them 6 knives a couple months ago and they did them in about 15 minutes while I shopped and I thought they did a great job. You might also ask at the Gelsons on Hyperion if they do this, since they're closer to you.

          1. Gary's knife sharpening services

            Santa Monica Farmer's Markets / Saturday & Wednesday

            Culver's Farmer's market Tuesdays.

            310 560-3258

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            1. re: WileysHungryAgain

              I like this guy, and he's convenient, but

              does he also straighten the knives? I'm not so sure he does...

            2. My friend told me there is a guy at the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market that does a good job. Have not tried him yet, though.