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Jan 2, 2007 04:51 AM

Best pizza (for delivery) around UIC/University Village?

Recently moved to University Commons just south of UIC, near 15th and Halsted. I'd love people's thoughts on the best options for pizza places in the area that deliver. (Tried Connie's and think their pizza is bland and overpriced.) I generally prefer thin crust. If anyone's experienced it, I've loved Pizza Express in Bloomington, IN, and Pizza Man in Milwaukee. Would love to find something comparable.

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  1. Checl out Pat's Pizza - It is my favorite thin crust in Chicago - they do have a south loop location -

    1. I have had Pat's 2 or 3 times and I must say I was not impressed. I'd say skip Pat's. Giordano's is the best that I have had in my years living in the South Loop. As sad as that may be, I am a life-long Chicagoan and I know pizza. Let me know if you find something better - please.

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          1. Does Giordano's have thin-crust and is it any good?

            I started eating their stuffed when they were a family-owned, neighborhood place around 63rd and S. Kedzie in the '70s. Oh, for that pizza again. Ever since they went chain or franchise or whatever they are now, I've stopped eating it: they obviously changed the recipe to accommodate mass tastes and/or mass production, and I find it bland and uninspiring.

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              It is hard for me to compare to how they used to do things, but yes, that is where I get my thin crust.

              As for ems suggestions below, don't get me started on Aurelio's I can't stand their pizza. They definitely have a following, but their sickly sweet sauce is a total dealbeaker for me.

              Tomato Head is overpriced - and nothing special - in my experience.