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Jan 2, 2007 04:50 AM

Coming to NYC 1/31 - 2/3, and need specific suggestions...

Greetings fom Chicago. We need a bit of guidance to augment our research and recs from friends with respect to a few things. We'll be staying in Midtown (3rd Ave & 52nd St), and here's the docket to date:

Day One: Pizza! I want good NY pizza for my birthday which is 1/31). We've gotten some money suggestions in Lombardi's, John's (Times Square location), and Una Pizza Mapoletana. Verdict? Other suggestions?

Day Two: Primary activity du jour is seeing St. John's v. Georgetown at MSG. Tip time is early - 7:00 PM. I'm thinking late lunch at Katz's, and cocktails after, or the same at Keen's - pub menu. How dressy is Keen's? What would be a good solid non-foofy bar afterwards, either in the MSG area or the area of our hotel?

Day Three: Broadway, play TBD. Assuming 8:00 curtain. Dinner: Becco, which is in the area, or early-ish at Lupa (or Babbo)? Alternate suggestions welcome, of course.

More inquiries to follow, no doubt. Thanks! :o)

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  1. for day three you could also have dinner at Esca, which is another Mario Batali place (does seafood) in the Times Square area that's used to accomodating the theater crowd. Recently had their squid ink pasta with baby cuttlefish and hot peppers, and their grilled octopus with giant white beans, both excellent; pasta was on par with what's at Lupa.

    1. A 'good solid non-foofy bar' in the MSG area = STOUT.

      1. Day 1 - Most Hounds would agree that the best pizza in NYC is to be found at Di Fara, in Brooklyn. Worth the trip. (Note: The place is a dump.)

        Day 2 - You can dress casually at Keens.

        Day 3 - Not a fan of either Becco or Esca. My pick for an Italian restaurant in the Theater District would be Roberto Passon.

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          Thanks, folks. Responses:

          1) Esca was investigated, but my traveling/dining companion, while not a fussy man, hates fish. All fish, save shellfish. HATES. *sigh* That squid sure sounds tasty...

          2) "Stout" is a great name for a bar. Thanks!

          3) Di Fara, eh? We love dumps, seriously. Will investigate. Ditto for Roberto Passon. Good news about Keen's re dress - I think that will be a go with Mr. No Fish. Again, thanks a mil.

          As noted, I'll be here asking more nosy Q's as departure time grows closer. Can't wait.

          1. re: sundevilpeg

            I've never been to Stout, but while you're at Keen's, at least peek into their bar room to look at the giant scotch selection and painting of Miss Keens, as well as the 3 trivia questions of the day.

            1. re: kathryn

              Will do. I plan to get us there early enough to poke around before we have to leave for the St. John's/Georgetown game at MSG. Thanks for the tip!

        2. Day 2- If you want dessert after Katz', try Laboratorio del Gelato. Unless its cold out... their only seating is a bench outside.

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          1. re: The Engineer

            Whoa. All the more reason to come back when it's warmer, like baseball season, which Mr. No Fish, a White Sox fan, is resoundly in favor of. Works for me, too. Thanks, Engineer. That's quite a website. Mmmm-mmmm!

          2. Thought I'd weigh in on your pre-theater plans. Lupa and Babbo are both great Mario restaurants, but I give the nod to Lupa. I liked the ambience better and found the food to be a touch better. If you go, I suggest the ricotta gnocchi with sausage & fennel, which is amazing (and can also be found in one of Mario's cookbooks.) Both those places ARE pretty far from the theater district though. My personal favorite for pre-theater dining is The Modern- Bar Room, attached to the MoMA. They have a bunch of small and medium sized plates that are great for sharing and the servers will get you to the theater in time (it's only a few blocks from the theaters.) Enjoy!!