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Jan 2, 2007 04:47 AM


Anybody try the pancakes at Creme de la Creme on Bloor Street east of Royal York (South Side)? They are the best I've had outside of my home. A very nice little breakfast spot, Mom and Pop do all the cooking.

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  1. Thanks Omega23 - I've not been but will give it a go. I tend to gravitate east from Roncesvalles when brunching, so this will be a good test of my dedication.


    1. Just found this recent post on a Fodor's Board:

      If you don't mind riding the subway a little further west (about 3 stops) to the Royal York subway stop, there is a great breakfast restaurant on Bloor St. about a block east of the subway - Creme de la Creme - excellent omlets, eggs benedict and florentine and wonderful waffles and French toast and regular(very generous and good) bacon/ham/sausage/peameal (Canadian)bacon and eggs breakfasts. And they will do half orders of French toast or pancakes. I am addicted to their French toast. Only the omlets come near to the $10 mark. Unlimited fresh, good coffee.

      Plus, I just googled the address (2991 Bloor Street West
      Etobicoke, ON M8X 1C1 (416) 237-9414 and went to the website ( only to find the three greatest words in the English Language: ALL DAY BREAKFAST!


      1. because of this post i went to creme de la creme for brunch today. it was DELICIOUS!!!

        i had the french toast and it was very tasty, although i would have asked for no icing sugar had i realised it came on it.

        my partner had the omlette and i stole some of his hash browns and they were delicious too.

        reccomend it for a tasty low-key brunch.

        1. Very funny - a group of us also ended up going Sunday early afternoon (just what you need after a heavy meal of venison, fois gras and beef cheeks at Trevor the night before).

          First - the place is small and very busy. You have to line up IN THE BACK, behind the kitchen door on the way to the restrooms. This is a good thing to know if are going for the first time.

          Second - clientele are generally older and regulars. Not a "hip, happening" spot. If you're tired of hipsters, this is great spot.

          Third - decor is a bit frightening. If you like roosters, this is the place for you. Let me put it this way: I was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt that says "year of the <insert picture of rooster here>", and I looked like I was born and raised there!

          Fourth - food is good, traditional, European inspired brunch. Build your own omelettes, Eggs Benny / Florentine / with lots of sides available (tomato, avocado, cottage cheese) and so on. Portions are quite large, and the home fries are swiss rosti style and very very good. I dare someone to eat a side order of them with their meal - that's a heaping plate.

          We ordered a half of french toast and a half pancake for the table. No wonder the pancakes are good - they are practically fried! One pancake was huge. The french toast was also very good. Unfortunately, the syrup was NOT real maple syrup, which pretty much ruined the experience.

          This is NOT health food. But it is a damn good, honest, brunch place.


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          1. re: Cereal Killer

            we got there late enough that we didn't have to wait for a table.

            personally my decor favourite was the 'frames' out of moulding and the big squares painted white.