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Jan 2, 2007 04:13 AM

Lunch at Woodfire Grill

Recently, Woodfire added lunch service to their daily dinner offerings ... I have in mind a lunch for when a close friend comes to town from out of state ...

What are their lunches like? I have had great dinners there ...

What kind of food is served?

Any cheese tasting at lunch?

Thanks for any information you might be able to share with me ...

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  1. I have had lunch twice at Woodfire. The menu is similar to the dinner menu with the addition of a nice $10 half panini, soup and salad plate. If you like the soup of the day it is a good deal. Last time through I had a great house made Umbrian sausage served over insipid polenta with a good taste of a tomato sauce. The cheeses are available as are the popular items such as the chicken and greens. Prices are lower and the noise levels are in the low to reasonable range.

    1. Where is this restaurant? You don't make any mention of it in the psot or the title.

      1. It's in Atlanta. Chef is a transplanted Californian who does seasonal, ingredient focused, largely grilled and roasted food. Solid place, with a good wine selection.

        1. For future reference, whoever posted this should put the city in the title. That will help since this board covers so many states.

          1. I had lunch at Woodfire a few months ago and it was the BEST hamburger I have ever had. The pommes frites were great too!