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Kid-Friendly near Redwood City (Emerald Hills)

We're picking up a family with young children and would welcome any suggestions for an inexpensive dinner in Redwood City. The only place I know is Max's but a nice pizza place would also work. I am familiar with some of the finer dining restaurants but in this instance I am looking for a casual spot.

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  1. Have you tried Pasta Pomodoro off of El Camino? Great Italian food and low prices. Nice decor as well, and very suitable for families. You can check them out on-line. If you come a little further north to San Carlos, there is Vic's family restaurant on San Carlos Avenue.

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      Yes, I've been to Pasta Pommodoro many times more recently the Redwood City location. The last time the service was horrible and more recently I went back to San Mateo and the mussels smelled and were terribly "off". I contacted their corporate headquarters by email and never heard back from them.

      Any other suggestions? I was also thinking maybe Amici's although we would be backtracking. Any comments to share?

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        Sorry you had a bad experience at Pasta Pomodoro. I agree with dogboy on San Remo. They have great pizza, and on Tuesday night's it's ladies night, so you get one free dinner item per table. You can choose from their one item topping small pizzas, or their standard pasta dishes. Amici's is very good, as is Toto's Pizza in SC. Peppatty mentioned Sneakers, which is a great place to take kids. I see kids in there all the time--although, it is considered a sports bar, so it can occasionally get a lively crowd during televised games.

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          Toto's Pizza - isn't that in San Bruno, on El Camino? It used to be an old-school A-frame place but was recently given a more modern roof? What's their pizza like? I've been curious for a while.

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            The one in San Bruno is the original one, and is still there. Their pizza is really good...it's thin to medium crust, and they don't have that many toppings to choose from, but we love the #2, with salami, fresh sausage and mushrooms. Their sauce really makes it. I would put it in our top 5 favorite pizzas...the others are Speederia in SC (best thin crust we've found so far), Gaspare's in SF, Amici's in Redwood Shores, and Aldo's in SM. One thing about Toto's, they are a bit more expensive than some of the other pizza places around, and they charge $1.00 for delivery, but the pizza always arrives pretty quickly. Avanti Pizza in SC is pretty good if you want more topping varieties, i.e. feta cheese, eggplant, fresh mozzarella, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, etc. We haven't been all that pleased with NY Pizza, it's just okay. For better NY pizza, go with Speederia or Amici's. Try Toto's...I think you will be pleased with it.

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              There's one in San Bruno near the Millbrae border and one in Belmont (close to but not quite San Carlos).

              We liked their pizza with the green pepper/onion mixture and complimentary chopped garlic. However, we were really unhappy in our last visit to the San Bruno location. Not only was it terribly loud and cold, but the pizza suffered from having four times the cheese it should have.

      2. www.tarboosh.com/menu.php?menu=entrees 837 Jefferson St. Redwood City, CA 94062 650-474-2667

        1. I second the vote for Pasta Pomodoro (at the corner of Whipple Ave and El Camino). My 3 year old and 1 year old gobble down the tortellini with meat sauce like they're scooby snacks.

          If you want pizza, there is a cute, family pizzeria in downtown San Carlos called San Remo. Their pizza is excellent and their pasta is very good as well (especially the dishes served with meatballs).


          1. we go to Sneakers on San Carlos ave between El Camino/Laurel. It has many tv's in it to engage the kids whilst eating. Plus there are booths to keep the little ones from running around.

            1. Our three-year-old has been treated *very* well at Piacere in San Carlos. They just have a great service ethic. (This is one we save for visiting grandparents, etc.) But that's not an inexpensive option for Italian.

              Best pizza around might be Amici's across the highway in Redwood Shores.

              And if you wanted kid-friendly IN Emerald Hills, you're looking at the Canyon Inn. Outstanding burgers. There's always a gang of youth soccer teams tearing around the joint on weekend afternoons.

              Sushi Monster

              1. Here's a heads-up for a "future" more kid friendly restaurant IN Emerald Hills. Sancho's Tacqueira is taking over the liquor store next door and adding a whole bunch of indoor seating. They have the best fish tacos on the peninsula!! No more battling the elements as I scarf down two fish tacos outside. Not sure when the addition will be completed but it appears they still have a bunch of work ahead of them.

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                  I noticed tonight (Wed., 1/3/07) that Sancho's is open during the restoration.

                  I'm not a fan of their product (particularly the carne asada burritos and tacos, haven't tried the fish tacos), but I'm elated to see Community Center coming back after 30+ years of benign neglect and decline. I particularly appreciated the tables in front of Sancho's and the Coffee Company as providing that critical "third space" that is neither home nor work.

                  When I was a little kid, Community, anchored by the grocery store, was the heart of the hills, with a post-office substation, barber, pharmacist, etc. I doubt it'll ever come back that far again, but just seeing diners and hangers-on out at the al fresco tables in front of the store and Sancho's gives me a good warm fuzzy feeling about my 'hood. Emerald Hills rocks.

                  Sushi Monster

                2. If you want super casual, Speederia in Downtown San Carlos serves great New York style pizza. I often see parents and their kids there. And the boyfriend and I have made treks there nearly every weekend even though we've lived in Millbrae and San Jose.

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                    Another great place is Sneakers on San Carlos Ave. Hamburgers and other stuff for kids plus a t.v in every booth to distract them so that the adults have time for grown-up conversation.