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Jan 2, 2007 03:26 AM

Cheese Shop Open in Roslindale Square-Birch Street

Noticed the new cheese shop had opened in the Square so ventured in. Don't know how many days they have been open but a very nice space. Two cases of cheese which they cut and sell by the pound and a case of prewrapped ones as well. Olive oils (they have a bring your own bulk/container variety too) crackers, condiments, great gifts for foodies, etc. The selection of cheeses was small but looked decent, and may be added to as time goes by. The one strange thing was that the prices on the cheeses behind the counter were turned to face the server, not the customer. People seemed friendly and business brisk. Really hope that they do well...

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  1. <i>The one strange thing was that the prices on the cheeses behind the counter were turned to face the server, not the customer.</i>
    How ridiculous!

    I will check it out anyway, since I work in the Square. But still...give me a break.

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    1. re: jenniferdines

      I dropped by on Dec 31 for a quick look -- the shop looks great and the owners are quite friendly. They are new to the cheese business (but not to loving cheese) and I think are new to running a storefront.

      I suspect they'd be very open to suggestions, such as more clearly marking the cheese prices...

    2. Any info on the shop - name, addy and phone number? I'd love to check it out!

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        it's called the boston cheese cellar, and it's on birch street (very close to sophia's grotto).

      2. I went last week and they do have a limited number of cheeses. They did just open so that may be why. The one thing I did not like is when I asked about a specific cheese she said they had 3. 2 in the case and one they just got in. WHen I asked to taste them she gave me a TINY shaving from each one in the case but she did not give me a taste of the one they just got in. That turned me off a bit as I am used to Cheese Man at Russo's who is more than willing to open anything and everything. The woman also didn't seem too knowledgeable about the cheeses. I will give them another shot as they did just open but I like a person that can tell me all about the cheese, where it's from , etc,etc.

        1. From Roslindale Village Main Street:

          Roslindale Village Main Street welcomes the Boston Cheese Cellar, a new business just opened in Roslindale. Opening just in time for the holiday buying rush, the Boston Cheese Cellar is a wonderful addition to Roslindale. According to owner Kathy Lacher, "I am very appreciative of the welcome I have received from the community."

          Located at 18 Birch Street, the Boston Cheese Cellar offers a wide array of both domestic and imported cheeses, cheese related products (cheese boards, graters, etc.) and delicious specialty goods. They also sell olive oil that is refillable (according to Lacher, the oil is imported from Greece and is especially good for cooking). The store is open Mon. thru Sat. from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sun. from 1-5 p.m.

          1. I finally visited today! Wow-the place is really nice, and even the music was good. It is pretty boutique-y, as Birch St. tends to be. However, the olive oil is impressive.
            It is in a huge barrel at the end of the counter.
            I tried good and made in the Kalamata region of Greece.
            I ended up buying a bottle for $12.95. However, when you bring the bottle back to refill, it's only $9.95. This is very convenient since I work right in the square. I tried some cheeses, too.
            They also have specialty teas...I bought a fancy box of Blackcurrant.