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Costco Help!

My dear husband jsut came home from costco with a huge bag of fingerling potatoes. I'm not a huge potato eater...any suggestions? How long will they keep and what is the best way to store?

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  1. Cook them then freeze in small portions. Then when hubby needs, hubby can have. Put in small freezer to microwave containers.

    1. Mashed potatoes! I know it is a bit of a pain in the bum but peel them and mash them and add more cream and butter than one would consider healthy and enjoy!

      1. They'll store quite a while in the fridge. They're very nice. Wash adn scrub the diret off but leave the skin. Roll in a cloth or towel to dry. Toss in a little olive oil and bake in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes and serve as a side with a sprinkling of salt and a grind of pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.

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          Do you really store potatoes in the fridge? I store fingerlings like any other potato: in a cool, dark, dry place.

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            My CSA farmer recommends storing fingerlings in the fridge, but larger starchier like Russetts out. Being from Idaho I thought it was a travesty to store them in the fridge, but thought the farmer probably knew better than I...

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              I've been storing mine in the fridge for years. They rot way too fast in my cool basement. I can't taste a difference. I rarely buy russets but, any other potato is in my fridge and they last a very long time in there (like months)

          2. This is probably the 3.99 bag...which in any case would have cost 2-3 times as much elsewhere.

            I would grill/cook a nice steak and roast these potatoes with some sea salt, pepper, and EVOO.

            I would not waste time and try to peel these things.

            1. Use them as soon as you can. I bought the same bag at Costco, put them in the dark kitchen cupboard where I store similar items and went out of town for a few days. Upon my return they were bendy/soft and sprouted. They don't store/keep as long as larger potatoes. Now the whole bag is growing in my compost bins!

              1. Thanks for the tips. I'm going to have some grilled steaks with them roasted tomorrow for dinner. I might pan fry some with onions with like homefries with omelettes for dinner the next. I think ther est I'll give to a neighbor before they go bad.

                1. FYI...I had a bag in the pantry that went "sprouty." Took them back to Costco.

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                    Potatoes go sprouty! It's normal. Unless they are doused with chemicals.

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                      Read above! Except for Russets, store in the refrigerator. They will last a long time.

                  2. A major bargain but not a smart one for two people. Wait to feed a crowd and do a roasted potato side dish for twenty. I tried potato leek soup with a bag, once. Did not peel (egads, no!) but used a food processor and chinois to get rid of skins. Not my favorite project.

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                      I buy these same potatoes from Costco every once in a while, and I always roast them. I usually quarter them (with skin on) and then throw some olive oil, minced garlic, rosemary, kosher salt, and pepper in a Ziploc bag and coat the potatoes. Then I roast them on my Silpat at 400 degrees for about 25-30 minutes (I like mine a little crispy). They're delicious served with sour cream.

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                        Have you ever tried freezing the roasted spuds? Was wondering if they still taste good after defrosting and reheating. My freezer is the only way I cope with Costco shopping.

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                          Potatoes do not freeze! It would be a waste. Store in a cool dark place and do not wash first! Can you have a big party?

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                            Why wouldn't they freeze after cooking? I often freeze cooked potatoes. It's not like there would be a problem if they got mushy.

                            I'd cook them your favorite way (unpeeled!) and freeze them.

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                          Same here. I just toss with a little EVOO, course sea salt and maybe some rosemary and then roast them. Fantastic with sour cream and chives. I never need to store theese any differently from any other potatoe. They are so much less expensive than the produce store it's a totally moot point if I throw a few away. A little big for two people but they typically last long enough to use up.

                      2. Why not use for a base for soups? I boil them with some onion til soft then add frozen corn cilantro, ortega chiles, and a serano chile, puree and you could vegetable stock or chicken soup to boil them in, and freeze. Serve with lime juice and tortilla chips. Or use for a base with other fresh vegetables. I always have soup in the freezer. Just thought of a beef stew make alot and freeze.

                        1. My wife's husband did the exact thing, he also brought home a pkg of Aidells sausage, (I love when they give out samples!), so the first thing he did was make sauteed sausage and potato with onions and those little peppers that they have, the 2nd thing was mashed potatoes, the third was boiled then sauteed with evoo and garlic, the fourth was potato salad w/skins on since they had such nice colors, then the fourth was same as the first with chicken subbing for the sausage. There are a few left and I may have to plant the "eyes".

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                            Is this a riddle? or are you the new jfood?

                          2. I often buy that same big bag, oven roast the whole lot with a mixture of olive oil and canola oil, garlic and peppler. Let them cool and freeze then on a sheet pan and then put in a zip lock bag, then back into the freezer. When I need a quick starch for supper take a handful or two out, let them thaw briefly, throw them into the toaster oven and they are almost as good as the first night. They also make great hash browns for brunch, thaw a short while, rough chop, then into the cast iron frying pan with onions.