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Jan 2, 2007 02:42 AM

know a lazy cafe with free wifi in west village?

i've been in new york for a week now but have yet to meet a local! where do you friendly types hang out??

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  1. Try Grounded on Jane Street or Soy Luck Club, also on Jane street, further up the block

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    1. re: darkeraven

      Soy Luck Club has a really great selection of tea and coffee drinks as well as tasty cafe fare. They also have free wireless and a fairly strict no cellphone policy which can be refreshing. Highly recommended.

    2. or S'nice on 8th Ave btwn Jane/Horatio which is often too crowded to qualify as "lazy" but otherwise fits your description.

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        I was just at S'nice, and not only was the woman who served me incredibly unfriendly and rather rude, they do not have wireless at all, free or not.

        1. re: hhaduong

          yes, the staff is obnoxious and careless and overall un-S'NICE. the coffee isnt all that good either, although the three veggie plate and a few of the pastry treats are s'nice.

          luckily there are many for real s'nice coffeeshops in the area so its an easy joint to avoid.

          try DUBSPOT on w14th at 9th avenue. teeny & no wifi, but a nice barista guy who cares about his product (la colombe beans).

      2. Lederhosen, a spot for German beer and nice variety of food (bratwurst, potato pancakes), has free wifi. It's on Grove between Bleecker and Bedford. It's perfect for an afternoon of working with a beer at one of their picnic talbes in the back. It's nothing like a coffee shop, so not many people think to go sit there to do work. The service is slow, the beer and food are cheap, and you won't be rushed. You might want to check how early they open... probably around lunch time.

        Hopefully the Blind Tiger will get their liquor license and open back up. They had wifi while their new location was just serving food and coffee.

        ... and we're just getting out of a BIG tourist week here... I'm sure you'll meet some of us soon :)

        1. Also, try Cafe Doma at 7th ave and Perry. Don't know if there's free Wifi there, but it's definitely a local hangout, with a mellow artsy crowd and a nice sunny vibe.

          1. Hi all,

            This is a great list. I'm a local and a freelance writer, and my perennial problem is finding a weekend spot that's not filled to the brim with brunchers. 'snice is great, but insanely crowded on Saturday/Sundays, and Doma, my fave, is impossible on weekends. Not to mention one cannot plug in until after four. Any suggestions for weekend spots where we can grab grub, avoid overwhelming brunch crowds, plug in, log on, and be happy and productive?


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              Try Greenwich Treehouse (on Greenwich, of course). It's got great coffee and an even better view, plus not many people know it exists.