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Jan 2, 2007 02:19 AM

Chicken Feet in Big D?

My mom says she can't find any in Dallas. I say she isn't looking in the right places. Where can the serious cook turn to when in Dallas for the relatively obscure?

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  1. I think I've seen them at Carnival and Fiesta.

    1. A lot of the asian markets have them. Try just north on greenville off of beltline by Maxims.

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        To the best of my knowledge, that market is closed. But May Hua in Plano definitely has them. Along with pig rectums and other offal delights.

      2. The new Asian World Market in Plano on Legacy / 75 should have chicken feet. Customer service are much better and friendly than May Hua on Coit / Park.

        1. Hiep Thai Market on Walnut at Jupiter (Northeast corner) has them -- you can get just the feet or the feet attached to the rest of the bird, head included.

          1. I KNEW IT! Thanks to you all for the helpful feedback.