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Jan 2, 2007 01:46 AM

New York visiting St. Charles, any recommendations?

I am going to be at Pheasant Run Resort for the next two weeks for a company sponsored training. It comes at a bad time (my birthday!) but I am determined to make the most of it and explore the area with my co-workers.

I'm looking for some recommendations for a casual place for lunch (preferably in an area we can walk around/explore afterwards) and a more fancier place for saturday night dinner to celebrate my birthday. I am open to all sorts of food and price range but the only thing is that it should be accessible from the hotel by taxi, at a reasonable price!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. St. Charles is one of the Tri-Cities of the Fox River Valley, we're not suburbs of Chicago but all towns that were working industrial towns established in the 1830's. We have many great places to eat and for a lunch and after lunch wandering I suggest you go to Geneva's Third Street which is 5 blocks of quaint and unusual shops and places to eat. For your special dinner I suggest Isabella's Estiatorio in Geneva, fresh Mediterranean style food in a lovely setting and exceptional service, it's listed in the Geneva website that I've linked you to. Pheasant Run has a number of restaurants in itself and nearby there are several malls and many many chain options, some that are decent. We do have taxis and there is a bus system but don't expect the kind of service you would get in a big town. The Fox River Valley is pretty, there are 20 some miles of walking trails along the River and many neat parks, rent a car and explore!

    1. Mill Race Inn, at the corner of rt38 and rt25 in Geneva, would satisfy your desire for lunch in an area that you can explore afterwards. But be forewarned, due to its great location, it's a tourist trap with fairly expensive, yet mediocre food.

      The main restaurant at Pheasant Run, Harvest, is actually very good. It is also VERY expensive, so I'd suggest going there for dinner only if your company is picking up the tab.

      There are some outstanding Mexican restaurants in West Chicago, and they are probably closer to Pheasant Run than are the places in Geneva. The one I'd recommend is El Tesoro, in a strip mall on rt38 just west of Joliet St. I haven't been there, but a number of people on another food board have recommended Byby's, which is on Washington St. in downtown West Chicago.

      Please make sure to give us a report of your trip afterwards! A good friend of mine works for Pheasant Run's parent company and is in charge of all their hotel/resort properties, and I can pass along any comments you may have...

      1. Forgot to add...

        PLEASE consider getting a rental car, if only for a few days. Pheasant Run is in an isolated location adjacent to DuPage County Airport, and all decent restaurants outside the resort are several miles away. I'm sure you could get something cheap for a few days at a place like Enterprise -- and in fact, if you're traveling with co-workers, I wouldn't be surprised if the total cost was less than the limo/taxi/etc fare for your group to/from O'Hare!

        1. Go to Niche in Geneva for a nice dinner. It is comtemporary American cuisine and is very good.

          Here is the website where you can view the menu....