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Jan 2, 2007 01:45 AM

Eastern Market, what is it and where is it?

Due for our fifth trip to DC soon (we love weekend trips here!) and we're determined to find the Eastern Market. Our first stop after our four hour drive in the morning is to Murky Coffee. It's there that we always see signs for Eastern Market. We tried to follow the signs on two different trips and got completely lost both times.

Our question to you is what exactly is the Eastern Market and where the heck is it? We have GPS navigation so an intersection or address would be a big help.

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  1. I'm sympathetic to your plight. When we first tried to go to Eastern Market (on foot from the Eastern Market Metro station) we had a heck of a time finding it. We had just about given up when we stumbled upon it by accident. The signage in the area isn't terribly helpful.

    I'll leave it to someone who knows the area to give you directions.

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      1. Hi - Plugging the address of
        7th St. & North Carolina Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C. should get you there. It is a little tricky to find if you aren't familiat with the area. If you get lost, stop and ask somebody - most people can point you in the right direction. I used to live within walking distance a few years ago and went frequently. It is a small market compared to most city markets. On the weekends it's a little bigger b/c people set up outside. But there is a great cheese stall where you can taste anything you want and a good butcher. And if it is still there the little deli/grill sells good french toast and fried oyster sandwiches in season. But don't be surprised by it's small size. Now I am feeling nostalgic. I'm going to have to go the next time I am back in the city. Have fun.

          1. Eastern Market is one of the few public markets left in Washington, DC, and the only one retaining its original public market function. It has been in continuous operation since 1873 and is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

            Set your GPS for 225 7th Street, SE. The Metro Stop is Eastern Market, on the Orange and Blue lines. The building is on 7th between Pennsylvania and North Carolina Avenues, SE.
            The Eastern Market website is

            The Market is the "town square" of the Capital Hill Historic District, the largest intact Victorian neighborhood in the US.
            Inside the South Hall are specialized food vendors selling flowers, cheese, fish, meat, poultry, bakery items, produce, fresh pasta, etc. On Saturdays, the Farmers' Line sheds are filled with local growers; there is a large flea market on Saturdays and Sundays at the Market and across the street in a schoolyard.

            Market Lunch inside the Market has good sandwiches that people line up for and breakfast during the week. There are several good restaurants on the surrounding blocks. Montmartre is terrific. Tunnicliff's was recently purchased by the owners of Stoney's. The Salvadoran place at 210 7th also has good food.
            Lots of other small stores in the area, including Uncle Brutha's Hot Sauce, Marvelous Market, Bread and Chocolate, Port City Java, Murky Coffee, Yes! Natural Foods.
            The used bookstore on C St, SE, has lots of out-of-print cookbooks.

            People in the neighborhood do their marketing at Eastern Market. It's not a frou-frou market and the prices are reasonable. The kind of place that sells hand-cleaned chittlins and foie gras. Embassies shop there and they take food stamps. I stop in to buy one lemon but it takes 15 minutes because I run into 3 people I know.
            All of us consider it a true neighborhood treasure as much as the local food source.