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Any Polish restaurants in San Diego?

Hi....does anyone know of a Polish restaurant in SD? Hopefully an authentic one, not the kind that also serve Greek, Italian, etc, etc. I'm from NYC and really miss the good pierogies and blintzes.

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  1. I have been to two authetic Polish places in San Diego, a few years ago, and both are gone.

    I may have to go back to Detroit for some home cooked foods, that I miss so much from my younger days. There was NOTHING like a Polish wedding from Flint to Pinconning for the greatest meals you ever had cooked by Polish women, who knew how too get it right every time. And always made enough to go around several times with left overs.

    There should be one string on this Website for all Polish or even Slavic restaurants in North America.

    ALmost forgot, there is a Polish Chef, that opened THE BISTRO in IMPERIAL BEACH, across the street from the beach as close to Mexican the Border as one can drive to, that I had wrote up a couple of years ago.

    See this topic: www.chowhound.com/topics/88639?query=...

    1. The restaurant that "Nutrition" is referring to is the MZM Seacoast Bistro in Imperial Beach. They're not exclusively a Polish restaurant, but they have a number of Polish and Polish influenced things on the menu. Moreover, the folks who run it are related to one of the founders of San Diego's long-gone but superb Polish restaurant, The Three Mermaids. The quality at MZM Seacoast Bistro is also excellent, and if IB weren't so far off the gastronomic beaten path, I'm sure it would get a lot more notice. They're located almost directly across the street from the IB pier at 875 Seacoast Drive.
      . . . jim strain in san diego.

      1. There is a place near UTC, forgot the name though, that is an eastern European deli. I used to work for a Polish immigrant, and he loved to go there to pick up stuff. They do have hot stuff like pierogies.

        4150 Regent Park Row #10, La Jolla, San Diego, CA 92037, phone. 1 858 623 0099

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          Its Called "European" and in same mall as Einstein's and Starbucks and above its all offices...one block north of La Jolla Village Drive. Owned by Russians and mostly sandwiches.

          For kielbasa and kapusta, Tip Top meats in Carlsbad has the flavors you are looking for in teh grocery store and in-house restaurant (you order, pay, they call your number and you pick up your tray of food. Its German owned, no pierogis but the flavors are there).

          When you are driving north on 805 just north of the 8 on the east side at the top of that hill- that church you see- they sell home made kielbasa and pierogi in the basement of the church during the week and on Sundays. Hours posted on it. They also sell the butter lambs and poppyseed rolled dessert cakes at Easter.

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            Thanks everyone. I guess someone should open up a Polish place in San Diego since there aren't really any around. Has anyone tried the Cottage Cafe in University Heights/Hillcrest area? I think they serve some Polish food along with other stuff.

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              Years ago. It wasn't that good and never craved it. I can do better with food from the other places mentioned..as well as buying pierogis frozen from Trader Joes...

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                My wife used to really like the Cottage Cafe. Among other things, they were a reliable source of pretty good cabbage rolls. However, I thought that place closed over a year ago. Does anyone know for sure?
                . . . jim strain in san diego.

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                  yep, Cottage Cafe closed some time ago. Average pierogi and haluski (sp?), but when you've got a jones for them, average used to do. Would love to hear of a place in town with good pierogi.

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                    I can't comment on what constitutes "good" pierogi, but the place on Regents that Josh originally mentioned has them. I thought that place was Russian, though. All my Russian friends claimed it was Russian.

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                      thanks for the tip Mike. Alas, I made the trek for lunch today, but they don't serve pierogi. They have some interesting imported frozen ones that I bought to try at home. They have Piroshki, the Russian version, but not at all similar to the good old Polish gutbusters.

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                        I know what you mean!
                        My Mother made pierogie with a filling of Sauerkraut, Farmer's cheese and potato. It was the best of all*
                        THe store version of potatoe and some kind of cheese, just doesn't have it.
                        The seasoning is the key to a rich tasty treat unlike any other.

          2. Has anyone tried Edelweiss in Chula Vista on 3rd Avenue? It's another German restaurant that has been around a while....oops this was meant for the German thread...

            1. I forgot the black wild mushrooms, when a shipment arrived from Poland. My Mother would send care packages of food and clothes to them for years during the world war II and after.

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                I may have invented a new Lobster pierogie (lobster ravioli from Costco) by reheating boiled ones in a little coconut oil and a bit of butter till they browned and even got a little crispy. It was a major taste improvement and reminded me of homemake pierogie. They sure were better then plain boiled and made a nice side dish to the scallop shrimp cakes from Whole Foods! I have lived long enough to see all these new wonderful prepared foods being made available, and it is a joy to have to eat many of them! :)

                Try them, you'll like them!

              2. The only Polish restaurants I found are in Santa Monica "Warszawa Restaurant" and in L.A "Polka Polish Restaurant" both are listed on the net. I'm in Anaheim. Both were well worth the trip. There use to be one in just outside of Carlsbad, but I think that one closed many years ago. Good Luck on finding any other ones.

                1. There is a great Polish festival in Hillcrest in the spring. Keep an eye out for it!

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                    There's also a Polish festival in Pacific Beach in mid-October at the Polish catholic church on Grand. They serve all kinds of Polish food, including pierogies and blintzes if I remember correctly.

                    1. re: mangiatore

                      your note got me to thinkin'. Growing up outside Pittsburgh, my little town had 8 or 9 churches (always some variation of Catholic) which sold pierogi on Fridays. The old ladies would start early in the morning, making them by hand, and they were the best. Boiled, then kept warm in vats of melted butter and onions. Eat there or take home to fry later.

                      Anyone know of any churches in SD that do the Friday food thing?

                      1. re: mangiatore

                        Perhpas someone can give us the Dates and Address, when the time gets closer!

                    2. There is a great place up in Carmel Mountain called Kashtans. It is on Avenido Venusto and it is Russian and European...the restaurant side is opening in June, 07.

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                      1. re: tompole

                        do you have any more info to provide on this place?

                        1. re: kare_raisu

                          Hello Kare,
                          Yes...it is a Eastern European Delicatessent that sells Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, and Slovak meats, cheeses, and other products. You can get fresh peirogis, varenicki, cheese blintzes, cabbage rolls, etc. The restaurant is reopening in June or July. They are actually looking for someone that speaks Russian and Polish to hire.

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                            Do you have the address ? I normally go to the Russian deli on Regents Road but always looking for new options and I couldn't find anything with google.

                            1. re: honkman

                              did anyone ever find out when this Kashtans place opens? or where it is located exactly?

                      2. MZM Seacoast Bistro is owned by a Polish couple and has a number of Polish foods on the menu though they've also mixed in a bit from several other cuisines. D.Z. Akins is a Jewish delicatsen which serves up a number of ethnic Jewish foods common to eastern Europe including Poland.

                        1. Hi,

                          Not Polish, but Hershel's (Jewish Deli) in Encinitas serves pierogies. (at least they used to, been a couple of years) They're located just beyond the corner of Encinitas Blvd (on Encinitas) and El Camino Real - Just beyond the car dealership in a small strip mall. What I loved was their great pastrami sandwiches, and crock of pickles on the tables.

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                          1. Hello All...Kashtan European Bistro in Rancho Bernardo serves Kielbasa, Glumpki, Sour Cabbage, Pierogies, Blintzes, and other authetic Polish Cuisine...we also carry 15 plus types of Polish Beer and Meads...we also customize for party's of 12 or more, i.e. Bigos, Goulash, Biala, and other Polish Treats...Naleshniki is our specialty...have to try!!!
                            12125 Alta Carmel Court, San Diego, CA 92128

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                            1. re: tompole

                              I'll have to check the place out.

                              1. re: tompole

                                Being an authetic Polish who grew up with real Polish foods often, this place is not Polish. The don't even speak Polish.
                                More like Russian who want to be accepted.
                                I now live a block away and would not go back!