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Jan 2, 2007 01:05 AM

Nice & Reasonable Places in Midtown

We're coming your way this March. We want to find places the locals highly recommend. About the only food we're not into is Sushi. Can you recommend places under $16.00 and tell me about the atmospher, service, wait, price ranges, etc....

Also, if you can recommend any place we should definetely go check out that isn't food related we'd love that advice too. We def. plan to go to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, Broadway, etc...


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For Midtown food under $16/pp I would walk up 9th Ave. between 42nd and 52nd Streets. One place I like is Pam Real Thai, which is a no-frills Thai place with great food. But there are lots of ethnic options there in your price range. Another is Grand Sichuan International for (often spicy) authentic Chinese food, again no frills decor-wise. For Midtown burgers I'd suggest Island Burger or the Burger Joint. A place over on 10th Ave is Hallo Berlin, a German-style biergarten (complete with indoor picnic tables) with bratwurst and other German food and good German beer on tap. All of these are under $16/pp for dinner

      If you're visiting the MoMa (or Rockefeller Center) you could have lunch nearby at Menchanko-tei, which has good Japanese-style ramen noodle soup for under $10.

      1. Hi, a brief interruption, Chowhound is about finding great food, discussion of general tourist information is outside of the scope of this board.

        Thanks for helping us maintain the value of Chowhound as a data trove for dining tips.

        1. If that $16 is, as akowit presumes, per person, then the question remains, must that figure include drinks, tax (nearly 9%) and tip (minimum 15%)?

          If it's just for food, in the Times Square area, I recommend the $15 lunch at Roberto Passon, an Italian restaurant on the corner of 9th Av. & 50th St. Delicious food and pleasant atmospherics.

          Less expensive lunch options:

          Old San Juan, on 9th Av., b/t 51st & 52nd St., serves Puerto Rican/Argentinian cuisine. Daily lunch specials are $6.45.

          In the Radio City/Rockefeller Center vicinity:

          Wu Liang Ye, on 48th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs., serves very good Szechuan cuisine. Lunch specials are $6.95.

          Near the Empire State Bldg:

          Keens has been in its 36th St. location (b/t 5th & 6th Avs.) since 1885. Excellent food and unmatchable old New York ambiance. The Pub Room's menu has a number of selections costing less than $16 that would make a nice lunch.

          Kang Suh, on the corner of B'way & 32nd St., is one of many restaurants in area called "Little Korea." Lots of lunch specials for much less than $16.

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            Thanks for the heads up about Roberto Passon, which I had never heard of. Nice menu, closely resembles the kind of menu you'd see in Italy (i.e., penne with zucchini--so simple--and braised rabbit). I never go to these places b/c I cook this way at home but this place could be worth a visit.

          2. what does $16 include?

            is this lunch only?

            dinner's going to be tough to do for that...

            your best bet is the ethnic spots (some are mentioned above) on 10th Ave. for Grand Sichuan make sure that you order from the Sichuan section of the menu...the regular Cantonese-American dishes suck (no surprise).

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              Nathan07, That's exactly the question I posed re: the $16. Based on the o.p.'s screen name, she's from way out-of-town (Indiana) and, as is often the case with first-time visitors to NYC, probably has little conception of what restaurant prices are like here.

              Btw, a slight correction to your geographics. The ethnic spots, including Grand Sichuan, are on 9th Av.