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Jan 1, 2007 11:35 PM

Must Find! "Annies Your Favourite Garlic Hummus"

She is located in Philedelphia - my calls have gone unanswered. Apparently distrubuted through United Foods but they havent answered my calls either. No retailers in NYC carry her fabulous, Tahini free, white container of goodness like you would not believe.
this hummus saved my life, i must find! please help if you have any information. thanks!

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  1. I understand completely. It's the BEST. You can get it in Mount Airy at Weaver's Way (Carpenter and Greene Streets) for sure. I've also gotten it at Reading Terminal before, but that was more of a fluke kinda thing.


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      Sounds like I ought to try this. Where did you find it at the RTM?

    2. the name is "Bobbi's Your Favourite Hummus" I screwed up, sorry! she makes original, garlic and jalepeno(sp!) i got a call back this morning from United foods (800 451 4520) spoke to a nice lady in sales department who gave me names and phone numbers of small specialty food stores in area that carry United Food products. After several calls, one place agreed to order Bobbi's Hummus for me. I ordered three cases, let me know if anybody wants some...YIPPPEEE.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Some of the best hummus I've had in Philly is the Byblos house brand available for sale next door in Sue's produce on 18th. No preservatives of any sort. According to the guy at Sue's it flies off the shelves.

          1. I love Bobbi's jalepeno hummus, I usually pick it up at Metropolitan bakeries, including the one in the Reading Terminal Market.