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Jan 1, 2007 11:09 PM

Give it up for the cheap bourbon

I love bourbon, and here are some of my favorites. Jack (Black, I know it's really american whiskey but I'm taking creative license. Woodford, Makers, Bookers, Knob, and on a special night, Hirsch are all very nice. But I want to talk about bang for the buck. For my money, Rebel Yell is as good as we can do here. I have enjoyed ancient age but can't get that here in Boston. Any other good cheap bourbon or american whiskeys?

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  1. Try a bottle of Evan Williams Black Label. It should be available for $10 or less.

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      By the way, Chicago Mike has a Bourbon Whisky Tasting thread recently on this board. The last post was December 15. If you scroll down to find it, you might find some useful comments there.

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        Just be sure it's the 10 years old whiskey from Evan Williams. I agree it's a great value. Costs vary greatly from state to state due to different tax rates.

      2. Evan Williams Single Barrel is very good, but still a bit less than the others you mention (at least in GA). If you can find it, Buffalo Trace is also in that ~$20 range and is very good. I went through a bottle of the Ancient Ancient Age and it's too bad you can't get that. Also have been drinking rye lately, and there are a lot of good, inexpensive examples (Rittenhouse, Old Overholt, etc).

        1. If you can get it in your area, try Old Forester. Should be in the $10 - $15 range.

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            I second, third, and forth Old Forester. That whiskey is a work of genius.

          2. A long time ago, I had some whiskey that was sold in a mason jar (no kidding) with a label that was printed to look like it was hand-lettered. I don't remember the 'brand', but it was cheap and tasted like lightning in a jar. Did I mention it was cheap?

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              Sounds like Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey.

            2. The venerable orange label - Old Grand Dad particularly bottled in bond (100 proof)