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Jan 1, 2007 10:35 PM

Ocean Park Omelette Parlor - A Real Disappointment

First time here. Ordered their namesake. First bite, it was cold. Not just lukewarm, but cold. The eggs were warm, but the filling, which was obviously prepared in advance and refrigerated, was cold. Even the cheese wasn't melted. The waitress apologized and offered to bring me a new one. Instead, she returned two minutes later with the same one reheated. Now, it was warm, but the eggs were tough and leathery. Just awful.

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  1. my experience was even worse.
    had the same experience vis a vis the omlette.
    in addition, it was clear that each of the other items on the plate had been added at very different times.
    i.e. if the omlette was warm, the toast was completely cold as were the potatoes.
    sometimes the omlette was cold and the potatoes were warm and the toast was cold.

    there was never any evidence that the items that were being served together were being prepareed in the same time zone.