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Jan 1, 2007 10:06 PM

Chowhound with the stomach flu...

I spent all of last week with the stomach flu and I was reverted back to eating Zesta crackers and sprite for a week! I was wondering, what kind of tastes do Chowhounders have when sick? Are our palates still elevated when we know we will puke it out in a few hours? At that point, does it matter how much trans fat are in the crackers? I remember by day three, I would love some Thai food in the worst way, but I would probably never be able to eat it again! I was just curious what others eat when they are sick.

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  1. Hah. I crave salt and clear soda. I definitely don't eat anything spicy when ill. And once I get sick after eating something it takes me days, nay, years, to eat it again. :)

    I do have a strange craving for egg drop soup when ill, though--salty and clear broth with some protein thrown in.

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      1. Oh, man, stomach stuff all I want to do is take phenergan and go to bed. The thought of putting ANYTHING in my mouth is just vile. If forced, I will drink chicken broth and ginger ale and can sometimes handle saltines, but anything other than that - forget it. When I'm sick at my stomach, I have trouble remembering why on earth I like food. Ever.

        1. Ginger ale, scrambled eggs, and plain white rice. Not all together. :-)

          1. Reed's ginger beer for any stomach thing, and especially for migraines. Hot milk with white rice, butter and brown sugar for anything that seems to require my mother's attention, since that's what she always made me.