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Jan 1, 2007 09:38 PM

Sweetwater Casino

We have an invitation to dinner here. However, it seems like it is in the middle of nowhere but intriguing next to the Mullica River. Any opinions on if it is worth the trip? Recommendations on the menu? TIA

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  1. Hi,
    The Sweetwater Casino is very unique, and definately a place to be experienced. I would recommend visiting during the summer however. During the winter it is charming, but it is obvious that the place is jumping in the summer, and the "empty" feeling of winter can't really be ignored. (However if you're just out for a drink that can be a bit nice next to the fire!). As for the menu, all of the seafood is excellent, particularly the scallops. The fact that it is in the middle of nowhere (which it is) is one of the things I like most. It is like an oasis in the pines! The drive to and from is very enjoyable. I assume (given your username) that you are in medford. I would recommend taking 30 to hammonton and then picking up 542 towards batsto, and taking the last right BEFORE batsto village, instead of taking the route the signs for the casino recommend... For the way home I would recommend going by batsto and up 542 to the lower bank inn, and make a left there and proceed up to chatsworth, and making a left in chatsworth (and driving several more miles) you'll be back in your part of the woods. (ps - there is another restaurant called The Forks near sweetwater. If it is still there i don't recommend it. Admittedly i was only there once, but the ambiance is very fabricated. The casino however, you get the feeling is as old as the pines themselves.