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Jan 1, 2007 09:19 PM

A few Vegas restaurant questions

Daniel Boulud or Bouchon?

Going to be at MGM in May-Is Seablue good for fish, or is Nobhill better?

Is Le Atelier de Joel Robuchon as good as people say it is? What can one expect to pay if ordering ala carte, and what do the tasting menus go for?

How is the pre-"O" menu at FIX?

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  1. 1. Bouchon.

    2. SeaBlue is decent, have been a few times, particularly liked a cod tagine dish from a couple years ago. Also like the appetizer menu as there are lots of options. We haven't tried Nobhill yet, we have a reservation there for our next trip in two weeks.

    3. Others here like it a lot more than we did, so others can better respond. I think we paid around $300 for one tasting menu and a few a la carte dishes, a couple glasses of wine and a couple cocktails.

    4. Does FIX have a special pre-"O" menu or are you asking about the regular menu? FIX is lots of fun (and loud) and the food is pretty good. Mac and cheese, lobster tacos, sliders, some of the other appetizers, desserts, all good.

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      I've been to Nobhill twice, it's excellent. Service does not get better, the room is very soothing, food is very good. I love the tray with the five mashed potatoes, a nice touch. The bread comes piping hot, and the seafood is the best. The Tomales Bay shellfish ap was by far the best of its' kind I've ever had. I had the cioppino the first time I was there, it was ok but not great, but the second time I had John Dory and it was great. Nobhill's cocktails are the best I have ever had anywhere, worth going to just for that. You HAVE to try a Mojito, no other place does this drink so well. Whole leaves on the bottom, with crushed ice on top, and just the right mix of sweet and alcohol. Most places put the mint in all chopped up and you get little pieces of mint in your mouth like spinach. Also, the Cable Car was great. My wife's sister and her husband will be coming with us, he loves fish but is allergic to shellfish, so I dunno if she'll let him go to a place called Seablue, we'll see. I wouldn't mind going back to Nobhill, that's for sure.

      1. re: elrushbo

        It's nice to hear positive feedback about Nobhill. For some reason I can't exactly articulate, I've been reluctant to try it out, even though I like Michael Mina's restaurants in general and we often stay at MGM. I appreciate your heartfelt recommendation but I probably won't try a Mojito as they inevitably taste like toothpaste to me. I don't really care much for mint, especially spearmint. I don't even know what a Cable Car is! I don't drink vodka but do drink pretty much every other kind of hard liquor, and cocktail menus are so often vodka-centric, but I'm guessing this isn't the case at Nobhill. Speaking of Mina, we're also trying Stripsteak on the same trip. Our other dinner will be Okada, before seeing the late show of "Love," as this time we'll be staying at the Wynn and we wanted something convenient. This will be the first time in a long time that all of our dinners will be at new-to-us restaurants. Have you tried Fiamma? We ate there for the first time on our last trip the week after Thanksgiving (and I posted a longish write-up of our eating that week, posted around Dec. 8th). Perhaps your allergic-to-shellfish brother-in-law would like Fiamma. We'll definitely be returning on a future trip.

    2. I may be in the minority, but I thoguht Seablue was one of the worst, most overpriced meals I've ever had in Vegas (in over 30 years).

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      1. 1.) Bouchon, without a doubt, has better food.

        2.) I really like Michael Mina restaurants and the way he presents his menu. I'm a big fan of Seablue. Nobhill is great also. As someone mentioned the mashed potatoes are really unique and, IMO, the chicken tettrazini ( sp? ) was out of control ( that means it was good ).

        3.) I'm in the minority on this one but I think L'Atalier is way overrated and overpriced. Yes it's good, but not at the prices they are asking. I can get just as good a meal for a lot less. Again, just my .02

        4.) Not sure what is on the pre-"O" menu at FIX but the restaurant itself is just okay. It's more like a club/restaurant. It's extremely loud and it's a place for younger-somethings to see and be seen. They have some interesting dishes but it's nothing ground-breaking.

        1. We just came back a couple weeks ago from a Vegas trip that included Bouchon and L'Atelier, but I haven't tried the others.

          My notes on Bouchon and Atelier are here:

          Atelier is quite expensive but it really is among the top meals I've ever had. My wife, who generally gets bored and impatient with these kind of places, loves it too. The wine list, as I said in the earlier post, is outrageously, criminally marked up.

          Bouchon is also very, very nice for traditional French bistro type food. Again, I can't compare to Boulud - I've been to his place in Palm Beach, but that's more of a high end, high concept affair so it's tough to compare.

          I will put it this way - I am usually much more eager when travelling to try something new than somewhere I've already been, but was a repeat customer at both Atelier and Bouchon with only 3 dinner opportunities this last trip.

          1. i've commented on seablue in the past - i thought it started out as a great restaurant but the quality has deteriorated over the years. i am a fan of nob hill but for me, there is nothing unique about the place - one of the best meals i ever had in my life was at nob hill in san francisco several years ago, but different chef, different city !