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Jan 1, 2007 09:13 PM

Top Italian Restaurants on Upper East & West Side?

for tonight - thank you.

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  1. i love celeste on the upper west.

    1. I like both Pizzabolla and Genaro, Amsterdam by W92nd. They're both pleasant, intimate, good food for reasonable prices.

      1. Spigolo or Caffe Buon Gusto (Cash only) on the UES.

        1. Gennaro is one of our longtime favorites, and when Celeste's manager Carmine is on duty, we love the place (we wrote about Celeste last week & Gennaro last year--both with lots of pictures). I'd say those are my favorite Italian spots on the UWS, although Arte Around the Corner does some mean panini and cakes.



          1. I live on the Upper East Side and really enjoy Erminia on 83rd - I am not sure this is what you are looking for and don't really see it written about much here. It is expensive and I think it is jacket "encouraged" but my experiences have been great.

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              pomodoro on columbus between 71 and 70 is really great. surprisingly, i never hear too much about it on this message board but you can check for some reviews. it's a really nice place with great food.