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Jan 1, 2007 09:08 PM

Top Italian Restaurants on Upper East & West Side?

For dinner tonight. Thank you.

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  1. Elios on 85th and 2nd Ave- spectacular! great veal dishes, great pastas, great tortellini in brodo, one of my favorite italian restaurants in nyc. loud, tough to get a table (i have eaten next to mel brooks and anne bankroft, barbara walters, martha stewart, and a host of other celebs, but it is a quiet humble spot)- always packed, pretty $$$, worth it. enjoy fb

    1. UES Felidia (well, maybe more Midtown-East but it's Lydia B!); UWS 'Cesca...don't miss their risotto, I could have licked the plate if the servers hadn't made me feel like a VIP!

      1. Rhugetta on 85th between 1st and 2nd.

        1. West = 'Cesca
          East = Felidia, L'Impero, Coco Pazzo

          1. Ditto Felidia!

            On UWS, a low-key place called "La Vela" on Amsterdam & 78th-ish. Nothing fancy, but good prices and consistently homey, good food.