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Jan 1, 2007 08:31 PM

What have you served alongside crab? Need recs

Hello from Sonoma! My friends' parents are taking care of the crab for dinner tonight, my friend and I are responsible for the sides. No idea what to make. Can you help? Thanks!

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  1. I always love a good potato gratin and a crisp green salad with my crab legs.

    1. Garlic bread & salad!

      1. I like cold creamy coleslaw! Something about crab and mayo (even not on the same dish) that just make me happy! (or may be it's the beer....)

        1. Guess it depends on whether the crab is hot or cold. If it's cold, hot sides seem weird to me. I'd go with a great big salad with different greens and maybe some grapefruit sections and lots of garlic bread - good sourdough or sweet batard-type bread.

          I like crab with a cayenne, lemon juice mayo with maybe a little garlic.

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            Oh I hadn't even thought about cold. Anytime someone says crab to me, I see big steaming piles of crab legs and some drawn butter. (And my eyes glaze over...mmmmmm)

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              It's going to be hot. Thanks for the speedy responses... Definitely thinking bread, salad, potatoes sound good... others?

            2. Roasted asparagus -- (garlic) crab and asparagus is a traditional combination in Vietnam.